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Twenty Nine's


This I find is a great practice routine, and one that you will enjoy if practicing with another player, both players are allocated 29 points, which you write on the score board, the first player then begins by throwing all three darts at double one, the amount of doubles hit are added on to the 29 points i.e. two double one's = 4 add to the 29 = 33, if the players misses the double one completely, then the total of the double is subtracted from the 29 points i.e. 29 - 2 = 27, the player then repeats this on the double 2, adding the doubles scored, or subtracting the missed double, this carry's on round the board to the double 20, and then the centre Bull, should a player run out of points, the game is over and restarted on double one, the 29 points allocated each player at the start of the game, means a player can miss doubles 1 to 4, but must score at least 1 double 5 to continue, you can of course play this on your own, if you do, make sure you keep a record of your scores, it is always good to have a target score to aim for