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By John Lowe, Dec 30 2014 10:13AM

Stephen Bunting the BDO world champion moves ever closer to the top of the PDC rankings after last nights performance against James Wade who was many peoples favourite to lift the trophy, bunting won by 4 sets to 1 but it was a lot closer than that scoreline suggests, at 1-1 it really was game on and the 3rd and 4th sets both went 3-2 to Bunting, the last set did belong to Bunting and you can sense he has a lot more to offer.

Robert Thornton continued his clinical dosplay of darts from round one beating Benito van de Pas 4 sets to 0, robert seems to be taking everything in his stride, can he get better ? i am not sure he has to.

Barney and Caven fought a close battle taking their match all 7 sets and it was only that deciding 7th set that seperated the two players, yet agains it was a bullseye finish that sealed the victory for Barney. I remember playing in the World championship at Jollee's night club in 1979 and finishing 5 times on the bull against Ceri Morgan from Wales, the commentator said I was taking the mickey and maybe the BDO should take disciplinary action against me for showing contempt to a fellow competitor, Wow, how times have changed.

The reigning champion Michael Van Gerwen knew he had to play well if he was to get passed a very much in form Terry Jenkins, the 4-1 scoreline suggests he won at a canter, but that's not the case, Jenkins outscored MVG in every department, 57 scores of a ton or more to MVG's 50. 5 x180 to MVG's 3. outshot average of 66% to MVG's 56%, MVG won this match because he won a mediocre first set, the next 4 sets went 3-2, it was a very pleased Van Gerwen who went through and maybe he does have a lot more to offer when the going gets tough and it certainly will.

The PDC cemented their position, the world premier darting organisation when Prince Harry spent a night at the darts, a finer endorsement cannot be received.

Photograph: Prince Harry enjoying his night at the darts.

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