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By John Lowe, Apr 29 2016 07:15AM

The number 13 is classed the unlucky number by the majority, so much so that in the USA many buildings do not have a 13th floor listed in the elevator, but for many myself included number 13 is quite the opposite , I threw the first ever perfect game of 501 in 9 darts on TV on the 13th October 1984, last night was week 13 in the Premier League, MVG did not need any luck in his match against James Wade winning 7-1, Wade played well but had no answer for MVG in this mood, he was almost at his best recording an average of 108. You could say the luck came in the Taylor v Wright match, which Wright won 7-4, the missed dart at tops in the 8th leg by Taylor was the turning point and at 6-3 to Wright the match was clearly in his favour, the loss kept Taylor level on points at the top of the table with MVG but behind on legs difference, it will be an interesting finish to the league format if it stays like this, never before has any player won £25,000 on leg difference. Wright went on to play Gary Anderson in his second match of the night and secured a draw to take his points haul for the night to 3, keeping his hopes of reaching the play off's well alive. Anderson beat Barney in his first match of the night 7-5, which made it impossible for for Barney to qualify for the O2 and the final stage. Adrian Lewis came out a clear winner against Robert Thornton 7-2 keeping his chances of reaching the final well and truly on.

I wonder if Taylor or Van Gerwen will think Lady Luck played a part in Birmingham last night, maybe they will look back at the end of the League play and reflect on that crucial night.

Peter Wright puts an end to Taylor winning ways.

By John Lowe, Apr 22 2016 07:04AM

Phil Taylor made sure of a top 4 finish in the Premier League when he beat Robert Thornton 7-2 last night in Bournemouth, it wasn't the best of games, Taylor only averaging 89 but it was enough to retain top spot and keep Thornton rooted to the bottom place. It was MVG's week to play 2 matches and he won them both, first against Peter Wright 7-2 and then against a lack lustre Adrian Lewis 7-5. Gary Anderson and James Wade drew 6-6 in a match Anderson should have won comfortably, but his doubles deserted him missing 6 match winning darts. Lewis also playing twice lost to Barney 7-4.

The table now stands:

Taylor 22

MVG 20

Anderson 15 (Game in hand)

Lewis 15

Wade 14

Photograph: Taylor secures a play off spot and looking to pick up the £25,000 on offer for the player who finishes top of the league at the end of the series.

By John Lowe, Apr 15 2016 07:14AM

It was all happening in Belfast at the SSE Arena last night in the Betway Premier League, first Robert Thornton beat Peter Wright 7-2 in a great opening game, Thornton averging 105, then Phil Taylor opened up a 5 point lead at the top of the table when he beat Barney 7-5 in the deciding leg. Next up was James Wade v Adrian Lewis and another cracking game for the thousands present, at 5-4 in Wade's favour, Lewis opens with a 180, follows with 177 and then takes out 144 with 2 treble 20's and double 12, to record a perfect 9 dart leg, Wade then misses the Bull to earn a draw, leaving Lewis to hit double 10 and take a victory that may well be crucial in the next few weeks as we approach the play-off stage. MVG World number 1 playerd Gary Anderson World Champion, result: Draw, the 4th draw MVG has made in the series, the averages of both players over 108. Barny returned to play Thornton in the last game and came out a 7-4 winner, Thornton could not find his earlier form against Wright, all in all the Berlfast crowd had a great entertaining night of darts, what will they remember most ? the draw made by MVG and Anderson, or the 9 dart game thrown by Adrian Lewis. No contest, Jackpot wins by a mile.

Photograph: Lewis hits the Jackpot.

By John Lowe, Apr 11 2016 07:40AM

A very rare occasion in Barnsley this weekend, first michael Van Gerwen wins the first Pro-Tour event, then he loses in the final of the second to Benito Van der Pas, then goes on to reach his third final in a row, an amazing acheivement, but then something happened that made bigger headlines, he was whitewashed 6-0 by Ian Diamond White, the watching audience where shocked and silent except for those supporting White, who did average 106, an 11 dart leg and a 108 out shot, it's a long time since anyone beat the Dutchman by such a margin and I guess it will be a long time before it happens again.

By John Lowe, Apr 8 2016 06:56AM

Phil Taylor went clear at the top of the Premier League table in Sheffiled last night when he won both his games, first was a convincing win over Gary anderson 7-4 and then a 7-4 win over James Wade, it must be said however that the Power was not on High, more medium with both games averaging under 100. Michael Van Gerwen did turn on the Power against Robert Thornton, recording the 3rd highest average on TV at 117-95, Thornton fought all the way to take the match to 6-5 but could only shake his head in admiration at the way MVG closed out the match with an 11 dart leg. Adrain Lewis and Peter Wright drew 6-6, and James Wade beat Barney 7-4.

Taylor now tops the table with 18 points, MVG on 15 with a game in hand, the table topper after the League Programme finishes and before the play off's begin will pick up a £25,000 bonus, so it's all to play for.

Photograph: Table Topper Taylor.

By John Lowe, Apr 7 2016 07:55AM

The Premier League returns to the Sheffield Arena in the Steel City tonight, for you American's that's where the Liberty Bell was made, there won't be any Bell sounding tonight although many compare the Premier League matches to boxing bouts, and from now on it will be a fight to gain a place in the top 4 and make the O2 Arena finals, tonight James Wade and Phil Taylor will double up after the elimination of Dave Chisnall and Michael Smith last week, Wade will face Barney in the first match of the night and then return to face Taylor in the final match, both games will be a tough test and could be crucial in Wades attempt to make the play off's, Taylor will face the Premier League Champion Gary Anderson in his first match, other matches are: Thornton v MVG, Lewis v Wright

Photograph: James Wade will need to be at his best tonight in Sheffield.

By John Lowe, Apr 5 2016 10:23AM

What do you need for a Bgi Day ? a Big Banner, and that's exactly what we have, 3 metres x 2 metres thanks to David Sheriff and his Nova Tours Coach Company in my home town of Chesterfield, the Big Day is a few months away but just like my darts shows I like to plan ahead, get things right, perfection is my aim, I can do nothing about the standard of the golf, nor the weather, but I know come August 22nd we will be ready to host one of the finest events at The Chesterfield Golf Club, Nova Tours are the main sponsor but we have associated sponsors joining us to provide all the many things that go towards making a memorable, enjoyable and rewarding day, our charity is "Scotty's Little Soldiers" a Charity dedicated to supporting the Children of the Fallen, we have chosen to title the day A Tribute to Lee Rigby, at the moment all team places are taken, but I will post if any drop out, or have not paid their entry fee for the stipulated date, to keep the day in keeping with my chosen profession I will incorporate some Unicorn Eclipse Pro Dart Boardssigned by myself in the prize list. We do have tee sponsorship available at £100, and will be pleased to accept Auction and Raffle contributions.

Photograph: The Big Banner for the Big Day.

By John Lowe, Apr 1 2016 07:17AM

Michael Smith lost to Phil Taylor, Dave Chisnall lost to Peter Wright, both match result 7-5, both tight games that could have produced better, the 1 point more Robert Thornton had was enough to secure his place until the end of the series, you could say it was Thornton's lucky night because he lost to Adrian Lewis 7-4, Smith and Chisnall go out.

James Wade and Gary Anderson drew in the opening game of the night, and top of the bill, Barney v MVG also ended 6-6, this was indeed a top of the bill match that had the Cardiff crowd on their feet, it was class throughout, Barney at his best and at 6-3 looking to be the winner, MVG however produced 2 finishing legs, both 13 darters that enabled him to secure a draw and 1 point, that was his third draw in the last 3 weeks, Taylor now tops the table with 13 points, MVG and Anderson on 12 points, Lewis on 11.

Photograph: Chisnall says goodbye after losing to Wright.

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