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By John Lowe, Apr 30 2015 07:16AM

Adrian Lewis and Raymond Van Barnaveldt will play twice in tonight's Premier League coming from the Barclaycard Arena Birmingham, with both players level in the table with 12 points each this will be a massive test of their ambition to make the top 4 play 'off's, with Phil Taylor sitting above them on 13 points and knowing he has played a match more it will the biggest incentive they could ask for, Taylor will also have to play Michael Van Gerwen in tonight's fixture, MVG has already qualified for the play off's and the pressure is off but he will always want to beat Taylor to keep the upper hand. First match of the night is Lewis v Chisnall, on paper a great match in prospect, however Chisnall's form has slipped in recent weeks, Barney is next against Gary Anderson another expected high quality game, Wade will play bunting, both players need to win, only one can and a draw could be the outcome, Taylor will then face MVG, Taylor needing to win this one to give a little cushion over the chasing Barney and Lewis, the last match of the night will see Barney and Lewis go head to head, it will be a case of who has the most resilience to be able to compete twice and also who want's the points the most, a real battle for the spectators and us the TV viewers, SKY Sports 7pm.

By John Lowe, Apr 25 2015 07:34AM

Since being a kid I have followed Boxing, first listening to fights on the Radio with my father one of the first fights I listened to was between Floyd Patterson and Archie Moore, Patterson knocked Moore out and became the youngest world champion of that time since then I have watched 100's of fights on TV and have been fortunate to have met many of the great Boxing Fighters, top of my list was playing darts with Muhammad Ali and later sharing a BBQ with him in Utah. Next weekend the 2nd of May we will witness the biggest money earning fight of all time at over $300 Million, Mayweather v Pacquiao from the MGM Grand Las Vegas, I have already paid my PPV with SKY and hopefully will manage to stay awake until the predicted fight start time of 4am, who will win ? I am going for a Pacquiao knockout.

By John Lowe, Apr 24 2015 07:07AM

Michael Van Gerwen made sure he will be in the top 4 play off's of the Betway Premier League last night with a total 7-0 whitewash of James Wade, MVG was unstopable averaging 116-90 and 78% on his doubles, Wade was the first to congratulate him on a superb performance.

First match of the night was between Stephen Bunting and Gary Anderson, bunting winning 7-1 Anderson just did not turn up and looked anything but the World Champion.

Dave Chisnall was looking to get back to winning ways after his recent dip in form and wins, and he went 2-0 up against Raymon Van Barnaveldt, however Barney picked up momentum and with it legs coming out a 7-5 winner moving him to 5th place in the table and a match in hand over Taylor, that could make all the difference in deciding the top 4 with only 2 weeks to go.

The match between the two Stoke players Taylor and Lewis finished 6-6, Lewis was 6-4 in front but Taylor dug in and secured a point.

Last match was between Gary Anderson and MVG, everyone expected Van Gerwen to resume top class darts after the Wade whitewash ealier in the evening, likewise no one gave Anderson a chance after his early showing against Bunting, Surprise ! Anderson wins the match 7-5 with a 105 average, I do not like draws so i was pleased we had a winner, but this was one match that should have given both players a point, MVG missed the bull for a 170 check out and then 2 darts at double 8, as they say, Darts is a funny game at times.

Photograph: MVG celebrates a 7-0 win over Wade.

By John Lowe, Apr 22 2015 07:15AM

Thursdays Premier League will be at the Motorpoint Arena Cardiff and it's a big night for World Champion Gary Anderson who will play two matches, first against Stephen Bunting who drew with Taylor last week ending his hope of maximum points in his double match wee, and then returning to play against michael Van Gerwen in the last match of the night, MVG will also play 2 matches his first will be against James Wade, Barney who ended MVG's unbeaten run last week will take on Chisnall and Taylor will play fellow Stoke player Lewis, it's getting close to the end of the league and the top 4 players who will contest the play-off's at the O2 Arena London, all players will want to win but no one will want to lose so don't be surprised if we see a draw or two on Thursday, I say that with my head in my hands.

By John Lowe, Apr 20 2015 09:04AM

THE opening weekend of the PDC Unicorn Development Tour will be held on April 25 & 26 at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry.

The PDC Unicorn Development Tour will enable players aged from 16-23 to compete, with each weekend featuring four tournaments worth £10,000 apiece.

Players can compete from the day that they turn 16, with an upper limit of players needing to be aged 23 or under on January 1 2015.

Entry is open to ANY darts player, other than players inside the top 32 of the PDC Order of Merit.

Players who have previously entered PDC tournaments would enter as normal through the PDC Online Entry System, http://pdclive.servasport.com/login.html.

New players would need to first register their details with the PDC Online Entry System via http://pdclive.servasport.com/register.html before entering.

By John Lowe, Apr 20 2015 07:18AM

Darts has long time been known for it's charitable events and Saturday night in Kilwinning was no exception, the guys from golfathon all golf players putting their efforts into raising money for Ayrshire Hospice decided to stage a darts exhibition in Taylors Hotel Kilwinning, they invited Bob Anderson and myself to play against 16 local players and what a night it turned out to be, 90 people packed the room and all gave freely, it must be said they joined in with the spirit of the occasion even to the exptent of singing the spectators anthem at Premier League matches "If you like the darts stand up" echoed around the room not a single person seated. One guy gave me £100 for my shirt which I placed in the fund which by the end of the night totaled over £1,800, Wullie Burns was the MC for the night and he did it in his own inimitable style, all in all i must say well done to everyone who organised the event and to everyone who supported it, you should be very proud.

By John Lowe, Apr 17 2015 07:08AM

Phil Taylor found his form in last night's Betway Premier League in Aberdeen, first up against the in form Dave Chisnall he won 7-3 with an average of 103, he also outscored Chisnall in the maximum department 5-3, Taylor returned later in the night to play his second match of the night against Stephen Bunting and looked certain to make it 2 worthy wins and 4 points in the table, it wasn't to be though he missed 10 match winning darts ! Michael Van Gerwens unbeaten run came to a end at the hands of his Dutch World Cup partener Raymond Van Barnaveldt, he lost 7 legs to 3 a comfortable win for Barney who hit 53% average on his doubles, MVG will be disappointed with his showing not scoring one maximum and a very poor 21% double average. Adrian Lews kept his recent winning form going nicely against Stephen bunting winning 7-2 once again doubles being the deciding factor in Buntings case missed doubles. Wade v Anderson was a great match both players scoring well and both with averages over 100, Anderson did have spells of double trouble early on but fought back from a 2 leg deficit to secure a 6-6 draw, the crowd played a big part in Andersons fight back booing Wade when he was throwing which can be distracting, in Anderson's defence however he did point out he put's up with that 14 weeks of the PL season when playing outside his native Scotland, a point well made and one the audiences should take note and give equal order to all players.

MVG still tops the tabl;e with 18 points, Chisnall 1 behind but has played a match more, Anderson is on 14 points, Taylor 12 and Lewis on 11.

Photograph: Barney brings MVG's run to an end.

By John Lowe, Apr 16 2015 07:12AM

Rugby and Darts players will join together for the Frontier Am-Am on May the 28th, the Frontier Clun in Batley formerly know as the Batley Variety Club is one of the finest in the UK, past stars who have appeared there are to numerous to name but if you think Diana Ross, Cliff Richard, Elton John then you have an idea of it's reputation, the stage is huge and giant screens are either side, I can guarantee everyone who comes along on the 28th will have a night to remember, I am certainly looking forward to sharing a game of arrows and most likely a few cold ones with the men of rugby.

John Lowe. three times champion of the world in three seperate decades, the 70's, the 80's and the 90's, the first player in the history of the sport to achieve the perfect game of 501 on Television, in 1984, winning £102,000, winner of over 1000 titles world wide, simply: The Legend of Darts.

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John appeared on ITV's Amazing Greys in 2014 he had to hit as many targets as possible in 30 seconds, all the targets where different heights and lengths, if the competitor beat John he would win £10,000, John won by a margin of 9.

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One of John's favourite charity's is The Variety Club of Great Britain who raise many thousands of pounds by organising golf days around the country, the aim is to buy Mini Coaches for Children, in the picture John is at St Piere Chepstow and the Coach in view is about to be present to a School in Birmingham.

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