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By John Lowe, Mar 29 2015 09:31AM

One of my ambitions as a teenager was always to drive a racing car, well there wasn't much chance of a coal miners son ever managing that but it did not stop me being a enthusiastic fan of motor sport, I took the second best option and rode motor cycles which probably took a few years off my parents lives, they thought I was dangerously fast, maybe I was. I realised part of my dream when Karen bought me a chance to drive and race a single seater Formula 200 car around Siverstone Race Track, it had two gears and was capable flat out of doing 150 miles per hour, after one lap i did not bother with the gears and instead just rode flat out round the ciruit, I was only past by two cars out of the fourteen racing, one turned out to be a rally driver the other would you beleive a motor cycle racer, so I was well pleased with my performance as a 65 year old. I have just watched the second race of the F1 season and enjoyed every minute of it, the technicalities of F1 are now mind blowing, putting the right tyres on for the circuit, super fast pit stops, setting the cars dynamics up for the best cornering, and much more, makes the simple task of getting the right set of darts simple, although the theory and thought are the same, today it wasthe return of Ferarri, back to where they belong right up there with the best, I drive a Mercedes so my loyalty tends to be with Lewis Hamilton, but nothing excites me more than seeing the gleaming red Prancing Horse tearing round the race track in front.

Now I am off to compete in a far more somber sport and throw a few arrows.

By John Lowe, Mar 28 2015 08:37AM

I had to share this with you:

Don't know if you read about this in the papers yesterday, it's a friend of ours garage, Karen's car was being repaired there, it was on the rollers having it's MOT test when the mechanic put his foot on the accelerator it went like a rocket straight through the wall of the garage, funny to look at, scared the life out of the mechanic and the owner of the car having a drink in the waiting room, Alan Cherry the owner of the garage was magnanimous when interviewed, "these things happen, no one was hurt " and the car ! just shows how strong Mercedes are the windscreen was still intact.

By John Lowe, Mar 27 2015 08:35AM

Micheal Van Gerwen defeated his fellow Dutchman and the Premier League reigning champion Raymond Van Barnaveld 7-2 in Dublin last night, MVG averaged 108 with 7 maximums and a finishing average of 44% and for the 8th time in 2015 missed double 12 for a 9 dart leg, Barney had little reply to MVG's power play and will be fighting for survival in next weeks judgement night in Manchester when the bottom 2 in the table will drop out. Lewis v Chisnall was a one sided match Chisnall in control throughout, Lewis looked bewildered and almost resigned to the fact he would lose. Stephen Bunting put up a good fight against Gary Anderson but missed doubles cost him dearly losing 7-4. Wade beat Wright 7-3 with the lowest average of the night 92, that would not usually be good enough to take all the points, but Wright was way below his best. Taylor and Huybrechts played a good match Taylor winning 7-4, Huybrechts now needs a miricale to stay in the league after next weeks matches when he plays Bunting.

The table as it stands means the top 5 are all safe, next weeks draw has thrown up some great pairings,

Huybrechts v Bunting, a point for Bunting would put him safe, Lewis v Wright a win for Lewis would put him safe, a point for Wright would mean he will be playing on to the end and also mean Barney would need at least a draw with Anderson to escape the drop, all interesting combinations, one thing is for sure two players will leave this years Premier League next week and maybe it will be the last time they will make up the elusive 10 players who will compete in future years.

By John Lowe, Mar 26 2015 08:04AM

The battle for survival to stay in the Premier League after next weeks fixture will be tense in the 3Arena Dublin tonight for the players at the bottom of the league, last years winner of the P.L. Barney is down in the danger zone even after his win over Taylor last week, tonight he faces table topper MVG, can he repeat his form of last week ? well, quite clearly he must if he is going to climb the table to saftey. First match of the night is Lewis v Chisnall, Lewis must come out firing on all cylinders against Chisnall who has settled well in the league, I beleive Lewis does play better when playing early in the night. Anderson v Bunting should be fast and high scoring, Wright v Wade, will Wright use yet another new set of darts? will Wade play like we all know he can? will it be a dreaded draw? answers will be know around 8-30pm tonight. Taylor v Huybrechts is top of the bill, Huybrechts must win I feel if he is going to avoid gpoing out of the table next week, Taylor will be trying to repeat his magnificent form of last week when he averaged 117 against Barney and surprisingly lost. All will be revealed tonight at 7pm on SKY SPORT TV.

By John Lowe, Mar 25 2015 08:15AM

I will be making an appearance at the Eagle Inn Sports Bar, Ross On wye on June 6th 2015, we have a great night for you, Paul Wilson will be host and caller, also providing the stage set and music, after the darts I will enlighten you on the microphone to things past, present and the future, answer those questions you have always wanted to ask, come and join us, all information on the poster.

By John Lowe, Mar 23 2015 08:17AM

Michael Van Gerwen defeated Terry Jenklins 6-3 to win the Gibraltar Darts Trophy and £25,000, this takes MVG's winning streak to 27 games without defeat, to date in 2015 he has won the Unibet Master and Coral Uk Open on Television and 3 UK Open Qualifiers and now the Gibraltar Trophy, his averages are quite amazing also consistently topping the 100 per throw mark, against Jele Klassen in the Gibraltar semi-final event he recorded legs of 11-11-11-12-12-16 missing double 12 twice for the perfect 9 dart leg, on this form I am sure we can say he will be the number 1 player for quite some time.

Photograph: MVG and Jenkins.

By John Lowe, Mar 22 2015 08:56AM

The Unicorn Challenge Tour for PDC associate members is proving to be a big success, over 200 players that cannot take part in the full tour in 2015 will have 16 events around the country throughout the year, the first 2 events held in wigan yesterday was won by Kirk Sheperd a former PDC World Finalist, and Colin Fowler, the prize fund in both events was £10,000, £2,000 going to the winner. The PDC are once again proving their intention to take the sport forward in coming years by providing the opportunity for so many players to compete and progress to the full tour, Unicorn are now official sponsors of the Challege tour, the Youth tour and the official dart board provider to the PDC, their commitment to the sport can only be admired and appreciated by us all. Two years ago I did champion for the Challenge tour to be set up after receiving many messages from players who did not qualify for the full tour, their dismay at going to Q School and missing out on a tour card was made worse by the ban imposed on any players who did take part, this ment they could not compete in BDO or PDC events on a regular basis, I must point out the BDO have since lifted the ban allowing BDO players to compete for their PDC Tour card and still play within the BDO framework, yes, common sense is at last prevailing, the structuring of the PDC now very strongly resembles the R&A of Golf, they have the main tour, the challenge tour and another tour for aspiring players trying to climb the laddder, the one thing they have that I feel sure would be beneficial to the PDC is the Open Amateur Event, many of the worlds foremost and must successful golfers have won the Amateur title along the way to greatness, another addition to the PDC list of organising events, I hope so.

By John Lowe, Mar 20 2015 03:31PM

Gary Anderson missed double 12 to finish his victory and complete the perfect 9 dart leg over Kim Huybrechts in front of his adoring fans in Glasgow last night, the match itself was very close with the averages, maximums and overall scoring almost the same, just one break of throw to anderson was enough to secure the win for the Scott. The first two matches of the night both ended in draws, Wade v Lewis and Wright v Bunting, nice result for them but for me it was an hour of TV time wasted and I almost switched channels, thankfully I did not because the next match was electric, Barney v Taylor produced everything I could ask for in professional competition play, 5 breaks of throw 3 for Barney, 12 maximums, 9 from taylor, Barney won 7-4 with an average of 104.18, Taylor lost with an average of 115.80 the highest losing average in TV history, little consolation to Taylor, but a big thank you from me for giving us the very best darts and a result. Chisnall lost to MVG in a semi-climax match, it was always going to be hard to follow the Anderson game and more so the Taylor/Barney game, MVG won 7-4 with a dissapointing 93 average, however his 41% on the doubles was enought to seal the win. MVG stays top of the table with 12 points, Anderson is now second on 10, Chisnall third with 9, Huybrechts is rooted to the bootom with just 3 points.

Photograph: Gary Anderson salutes his Scottish fans.

John Lowe. three times champion of the world in three seperate decades, the 70's, the 80's and the 90's, the first player in the history of the sport to achieve the perfect game of 501 on Television, in 1984, winning £102,000, winner of over 1000 titles world wide, simply: The Legend of Darts.

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John appeared on ITV's Amazing Greys in 2014 he had to hit as many targets as possible in 30 seconds, all the targets where different heights and lengths, if the competitor beat John he would win £10,000, John won by a margin of 9.

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One of John's favourite charity's is The Variety Club of Great Britain who raise many thousands of pounds by organising golf days around the country, the aim is to buy Mini Coaches for Children, in the picture John is at St Piere Chepstow and the Coach in view is about to be present to a School in Birmingham.

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