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By John Lowe, Feb 13 2015 08:50AM

I asked the questions in my preview and the answers came thick and fast, the spectators at the BIC Bournemouth had no sooner settled down for a night of darts then it was over, all done for 10pm, Gary Anderson beat a lack lustre Peter Wroght 7-1, my first question answered, Wright although averaging 100 does not look confident, of course playing the world champion will never be easy and Anderson is living up to his title very well at this time.

MVG played well against Stephen buntingwinning 7-3 with an average of 103, they matched each other in ever department exept one finishing, MVG 50% Bunting 33% and that was the difference.

Lewis never looked confident and capable of beating Taylor, I beleived he could continue with his form from week one, how wrong could I be, Taylor in his own inimitable style of play bulldozed Lewis to a 7-2 win with an 108 average and a finishing average of 70%, when you are as good as Taylor no one takes you for granted and I could see Lewis was thinking and probably feeling thankfull that game is out of the way.

Wade defeated Huybrechts 7-2 with a good all round performance, Huybrechts hasn't found his form or his place in the Premier League, he must settle soon or he will be playing catch up and that is not going to be easy in this company.

Chisnell looking to keep his unbeaten run going played a mixed match against Barney, the score line was 7-5 to Chizzie and that says it all, it could so easily have been the reverse.

The Table after week 2 sees 3 players with identical results, MVG, Anderson, Chisnell, all have 2 points each and +8 legs each, at the bottom Wright, Huybrechts, Barney have no points.

By John Lowe, Feb 12 2015 12:29PM

Can Adrian Lewis come out firing on all cylinders when he takes on 16 times world champion Phil Taylor, will Chisnell hit the form he had last week in Leeds when he beat Peter Wright 7-1 when he plays Barney, and will MVG be at his merciless best against BDO newcomer Stephen Bunting ? all questions that will be answered tonight. World champion Gary Anderson opens the nights matches against Peter Wright, Gary beat Taylor last week and I expect hime to win again tonight against Wright who will have to up his game if he is going to feature in the Premier League's play off's later in the series, last year he set off in fine style topping the table for quite a while, but this year looks certain to be a year of maximums and high finishing, anything outside of high quality performances will be punished. James Wade plays Kim Huybrechts in what could be a close match, Huybrecths will have been putting the hours in this last week and he will be looking to get off the mark against Wade, who in turn will want to make a point after being left out of last years Premier League. The BIC in Bournemouth has posted SOLD OUT notices proving the ever growing popularity of the league and with £700,000 in prize money the players will want to show their ability, it goes without saying the Premier League is the hottest ticket arround.

By John Lowe, Feb 7 2015 10:48AM

Adrian Lewis took his fine form from the Premier League to Wigan for the first UK Qualifier and boy did he put on a display of quality darts, first match against Ryan Harrington finished 6-0 with a 121 average and the last match a few hours later in the final against world number one MVG 6-1 with 5 winning legs in a row 2 of them 12 darts back to back, a great days work £10,000 and qualification to the UK Open, on this form Lewis will be disappointed he cannot play in the next 2 qualifiers.

Many people ask how did Lewis get the nickname Jackpot, well here it is: A few years ago in Las Vegas Adrian was playing a slot machine with a mate of his, after a few spins he hit the collective jackpot, if i remember right it was around $40,000 a huge amount, the machine only paid out a few dollars to make the people around aware of the big win, then the machine attendent comes over and takes you to the cashier desk to receive the remainder, when they asked Adrian for his passport to confirm his age they found out he wasn't old enough to play the machine, he wasn't even old enough to be drinking, you can imagine how he felt, one minute rich beyond beleif the next back to reality, the guys wouldn't let him forget the next day, every time he passed to the dart board it would be "How are you Jackpot" and so the name stuck.

By John Lowe, Feb 6 2015 04:56PM

Adrian Lewis destroyed Barney in the opening night of the Betway Premier League in Leeds, 11,200 fans watched as Lewis won 7-1 with an average of 113-80 his highest in a televised match and the fourth highest in the league. Dave Chisnell opened the new season with a 7-1 win over Peter Wright, surprisingly he only managed 1 maximum. MVG beat Kim Huybrechts 7-3 with an immpresive 107 average. Gary Anderson the reigning world champion carried on where he left off at Ally Pally beating Phil Taylor 7-5 even though the Stoke ace had a 104 average, Anderson appears to have the upper hand over Taylor and this is the start he needed to his bid to add the Premier League title to his world title. Stephen Bunting made a solid start to his campaign earning a draw against James Wade 6-6, but the night belonged to Lewis, maybe his reformed association with Keith Deller his former manager has done the trick, he certainly looked more confident, more intent on getting the job done something that has been lacking in recent times, they say what a difference a day makes, this could be that day, Leighton Rees used to say "one swallow does not make a summer" in Lewis's case that could be proved wrong.

By John Lowe, Feb 4 2015 03:53PM

We have always played to win in the sport of darts, be it local pub league, county, country or International, not to mention world championships, so why does the Premier League offer both players the option of a draw, and beleive me that is what it is, I have watched all the Premier League series, not every match but my fair share of them, like most of you I like a little flutter, I ike to think I know the players and what they are capable of, who can handle certain situations, who can come from behind and who can almost guarantee a win when in front by a margin, one thing I have come to dislike with a vengance though over the last two years is the dreaded draw, when one player reaches the required number of legs to secure one point the draw earns, then smiles relaxes and loses the next leg and we have a draw, that is not the game of darts I know or have been brought up to play, you win or you lose, it's creditable, it's honest, how many times have we seen a boxing match finish a draw decided by the judges sat ring side while millions watching have made their mind up who the winner is, boxing can and has been deamed slightly suspect at times, we don't need darts to fall into that catagory, how do we stop it? it's Time To Play To Win.

By John Lowe, Feb 3 2015 01:40PM

The Premier League will begin Thursday the 5th February from Leeds and live on SKY Sorts TV, increased prize money of £700,000 is on offer to the 10 players and the first night will see a top of the bill match no one will want to miss, the reigning world champion Gary Anderson will play Phil Taylor in a repeat of their world championship final just a few weeks ago, can Taylor turn the table or will Gary confirm his new status: Champion of the World ? the rest of the draw for the first week is:

Chisnell v Wright

Barney v Lewis

MVG v Huybrechts

Wade v Taylor

I feel this is a very exciting time for the League, new comers Chisnell, Huybrechts and Bunting are proving their capabilites and the return of James Wade is a welcome move, MVG will be most peoples favourite to win the title after his Master win last week, but I feel the quality of this field will make it hard to predict results especially the final 8 players.

The PDC annouced 80,000 tickets have been sold to date for the series

By John Lowe, Feb 2 2015 01:32PM

Micheal Van Gerwen beat fellow countryman Raymond Van Barneveldt 11-6 to win the Unibet Masters at Milton Keynes, MVG averaged 112-49 in the final and scored 14 maximums, after beating Dave Chisnell in the quarter final with a average of over 100, no one thought MVG would or could improve, how wrong he proved them, Barney beat the reigning world champion Gary Anderon in his semi-final 11-6, this was the kind of boost he needed to take on MVG he did take a 4-3 lead but could not stay with MVG and his scoring power, on this showing he will be hard to beat in the premier league. Terry Jenkins knocked out the favourite for the Masters Phil Taylor in the first round.

By John Lowe, Jan 29 2015 10:41AM

What do professional darts players do to get away from the sport that has become their livelyhood and a sport that is now more demanding than ever before? I have had a set rule for a few years now, I make sure I put two holidays in my diary, after traveling the world extensively for over 40 years including over 100 trips to America I have become one of those kind of people I used to think of as a little set in their ways, always going to the same country, the same hotel year after year, I am afraid I can now be included in that circle, I use the same airline, stay in the same holiday home, in fact I now regard it home from home and look forward to visiting Tenerife (fondly known as the Reef) just as much as I like going back to my home in Chesterfield, it is easy for me to be able to take two long holidays a year I feel I have earned that right, traveling thousands if not millions of miles playing in tournaments and playing exhibitions, at the same time promoting our sport and my sponsor Unicorn, I do look at todays top professionals though and wonder how they arrange their time away from their profession. It is easy for a manager to sit in a office and take an exhibition in Scotland and another the next day in Southampton after all the Uk is very small on a map and the manager/agent works on commission, it makes sense to fill the diary but I often feel at a price the player will eventually pay. I have never had a manager instead preferring to manage myself, I have heard it said that maybe I have missed out on a couple of contracts and maybe that is true, but I have been able to do it my way, arrange my diary to avoid unnecessary travel, I am aware many of todays players need management and can afford to hire one with the earning potential available, times have changed from my early days in the sport when prize money was not sufficient to be able to support a reasonable life style, it was a must to have the diary full of exhibitions which often meant six if not seven shows a week, thanks to the PDC and the many tournaments they offer throughout the year a successful player can live without any exhibitions at all much like other sports but it is necessary for them to take time out, recharge the batteries and be able to compete at their very best, darts is a tough mental sport, playing in front of 6000 people all seamingly enjoying their own enjoyment and at the same time trying to win against a player who is of equal standing is not easy, you have to be on top of your game all the time one lapse of concentration can mean you have lost and the score cannot be reversed, I have been asked by many professionals and would be aspiring professionals how I have managed to sustain my longevity, I can explain this easily, first I adopted a style that does not produce aches and pains by reaching, twisting etc at the Oche and secondly and just as important I have always taken a break, time out, even if it meant I would lose out on a exhibition and with it the monatory gain, I trust this answers the many requests I receive for advice on how to improve.

In short: Take time out, sometimes you have to lose a little to gain a lot.

John Lowe. three times champion of the world in three seperate decades, the 70's, the 80's and the 90's, the first player in the history of the sport to achieve the perfect game of 501 on Television, in 1984, winning £102,000, winner of over 1000 titles world wide, simply: The Legend of Darts.

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Mr Maximums: Cliff Thorburn the first player to do a 147 Snooker clearance on TV and myself the first person to do the 9 dart 501 on TV

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John appeared on ITV's Amazing Greys in 2014 he had to hit as many targets as possible in 30 seconds, all the targets where different heights and lengths, if the competitor beat John he would win £10,000, John won by a margin of 9.

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