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By John Lowe, Jan 26 2015 10:53AM

Cristo Reyes the Spanish dart player who lives in Tenerife and who enjoyed a great run in the PDC World Championship reaching the fifth round, beating Kevin Painter and Wes Newton on the way, is now proving it was not a lucky steak, Reyes qualified for the first two PDC Tour events in Bielefeld this weekend defeating recognised players Thomas Seyler, Magnus Caris, Jery Hendricks and Mike Zudjdwijk along th way. It will be interesting following Reyes progress on the tour throughout 2015, he has proved he can mix it with the best, Tenerife does not offer the aspiring player the competition required to improve to the standard needed to play in the top circuit in the world which the PDC tour is, so it is testimony to the individual practise Reyes has had to put in to reach the level he now finds himself, if ever a better message could be sent out to players wanting to make the professional circuit and with it a successful career playing the sport of darts, then Reyes has acheived it.

By John Lowe, Jan 24 2015 11:01AM

Gary Anderson scooped four magnificent acheivement awards at the PDC annual awards at the Dorchester Hotel in London, his list of four equal to Phil Taylor a few years ago, Gary was quite busy collecting Player of the Year, Fans Player of the Year, Pro Tour Player of the Year and PDC Player of the Year, although I could not be present at the awards this year I would add to the list the John Lowe Player of the Year by a long long way, his seven tour wins plus the World Championship is testimony to his all round improvement during 2014, a great year for Gary and for his sponsors Unicorn, to see Phil Taylor leave them after being so successful with their products was not easy, now they have been rewarded for keeping faith in the players in Team Unicorn, I can only see Gary getting better now he has conquered the World, his relaxed style coupled to his new found confidence will make him very hard to beat.

Other awards went to: Stephen Bunting, best new comer to the PDC Tour. James Wade for the best televised match and Keegan Brown for the young player of the Year.

All deserve congratulations but the night at the Dorchester belong to one man Gary Anderson, Truly The Flying Scotsman.

By John Lowe, Jan 20 2015 01:42PM

The 128 players who will have automatic places in the PDC tour for 2015 is now complete, after 4 days of quaifying in Wigan 34 players gained their 2 year tour cards and will join the top 64 ranked players on the tour, players who did not secure a card but still gaind ranking points in the tour school order of merit will be able to take up a place in PDC tournaments should the full field of 128 not be full, notable players making a return to the full tour are Alan Tabern and Andy Jenkins, first time on the tour is BDO player James Wilson, top ranked players in the PDC who have made many appearances in world championships, Denis Ovens, Alex Roy and Peter Manley all failed to gain a tour card, the standard needed to play full time on the tour is establishing itself very demanding, the aim for all members is to be ranked in the top 64, that will not be easy for many and a favourable draw will be welcome to say the least, will we see new faces come through in 2015 ? I think so, the tour is far more International than ever before and the interest being nurtured overseas is such that it is only a question of time before UK dominance is a thing of the past.

By John Lowe, Jan 17 2015 10:50AM

February the 28th is the night for darts in the garden, Welwyn Garden and the famous county darts venue for Hertfordshire the Shamrock Club, I will be playing against people form the audience, so it could be your chance to join me in a game of Arrows, to secure your chance call: 07767703243 to purchase tickets, don't forget to bring your darts and to make your night even more enjoyable you will have your very own walk on girl, now that in itself is a dream come true.

By John Lowe, Jan 17 2015 10:40AM

South African player Devon Peterson won his PDC tour card on day 3 at Wigan, after a two year absence mainly through injury Peterson is ready to take on the best and make it full time on tour, long time professional player Andy Jenkins also returns to the tour after a spell away, BDO Lakeside player James Wilson was the second of the BDO top ranked players to gain his tour card along with Steve West on day 3, a formidable pair of heavyweight players who will no doubt make their presence know on the tour, the last day of qualifying begins today with 4 more automatic places up for grabs, the remaining 18 tour cards will be decided from the order of merit that formulates with ranking points picked up over the 4 days, the system rewards the players who have performed consistantly over the 4 days, there will be some very anxious moments for quite a few players at the end of todays play and probably a lot of celebrating by the ones that realise their ambition to play full time.

By John Lowe, Jan 15 2015 01:56PM

Alan Norris made one of the biggest statements when he played in day one of the PDC qualifying school at Wigan, just a week ago he was playing in the BDO Lakeside championship, yesterday he not only won his PDC Tour card, he did so in style hitting a perfect 9 dart game on the way, in his post match interview Norris said " I have taken part in the Grand Slam and the whole set up is more professional, if you have the bottle to give it a go you can get the rewards" Nigel Heydon, Mike Zuydwijk and Jefferey de Zwaan were the other day one tour card winners, there are four days in total to determine the rest of the players who will compete on the 2015 tour.

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By John Lowe, Jan 13 2015 11:21AM

The question on many peoples minds: who is the world darts champion ? I have had many messages asking that question, many answering it before I did, we have enjoyed 3 weeks of championship darts in the UK and around the world, the first on SKY TV the Satelite pay to view company, the second on BBC the UK's national network and whilst it is said we do not pay to view that is not really correct, we do pay a yearly license fee. The PDC world championship was a huge success on SKY and the eventual winner Gary Anderson was ceratainly the best player throughout, his average was 100 plus for the whole event. The BDO Lakeside championship on BBC contained some good matches but we must own up to the fact it also contained some dreadful matches, one player only managed an average of 46 per 3 darts, the eventual champion Scott Mitchell did play well throughout and the final against veteran Wollfy Adams was very entertaining. So how do I answer your question above? The answer is quite simple, if you watched the championship on SKY TV then Anderson is your world champion, if you do not have SKY and instead only watched the BBC tournament then Mitchell is your world champion, it really is that simple, if like myself you are a dart player of some 40 years experience, in my case professional then your approach is slightly more considerate, you watch matches, validate the quality of both players and the result, study the averages not only the scoring averages but also the finishing averages, as the tournament unfolds and the winning line gets ever closer your favourite is established, you do not pick someone just because he or she is your favourite, you do so because you know he or she will and does have a better chance than the rest, the SKY championship produced the best 2 players in the final, my choice was Anderson before the tournament started and I had no reason at any time throughout to change my mind, he was simply superb, the BDO Lakeside tournament ended with 2 reputable players in the final, I could not pick a winner at the start of the final and for most of it Adams looked to be in with a great opportunity to add to his other wins, the last set however was Mitchells. So both events are over for another year, now there will be calls for Anderson to play Mitchell to decide who is the world champion, that for me would be wrong, would Mitchell have reached the final of the PDC event ? I think not, would Anderson have reached the final of the BDO Lakeside event, I feel sure he would, with that in mind I have to say my world champion and champion of the world is without any doubt Gary Anderson, but I am sure there will be many out there who do not agree and we will spend another 12 months with ours and their's world champion.

By John Lowe, Jan 5 2015 10:21AM

Gary Anderson won his first world championship at Alexandra Palace last night beating Phil Taylor by 7 sets to 6 in what we all expected would be a great final and they did not disappoint, Anderson went into a 3-1 lead only to see Taylor pull back to level at 3-3, Taylor then went into the lead for the first time in the 7th set, Anderson wins the 8th and then the most dramatic of things happened, Anderson threw his first 2 darts into the treble 20 and was looking to open with a maximum 180 but his 3rd dart hit the other 2 and knocked them out, the anticipated 180 became zero, both players looked stunned, not something that happens if ever, Taylor responds by hitting a maximum of his own and takes out double 16 to take the leg, Anderson looked to have put the lost throw behind him and hits a 180 of his own but he was clearly not thinking straight and hit the big 18 when going for 1, Taylor steps in again and takes the leg, the 3rd leg was crucial to both players and this time it was Taylor who mised 2 doubles and Anderson is back in it, Anderson is now focused and throws an 11 dart leg to level the set, then takes out 64 in the deciding leg and with it the set. Anderson takes the 10th set and breaks the Taylor throw, now he is throwing for the match. Taylor is having non of it and storms back to take the set 3-0 and is clearly thinking of taking the match all the way to the last and deciding set, it's a struggle but he does manage to take that 12th set by 3 legs to 2. Anderson as the throw in the last set and takes the first leg with a 72 out shot, Taylor misses 2 at double 16 to lose the second and then Anderson leaves 130 in the third for victory, he decides to go out in style treble 20 single 20 and clips the wire of the centre Bullseye, he does return to take out the 25 and become Champion of the World.

A massive well done to Gary Anderson, my choice since the start of the tournament and before, he threw class darts from round one and never relented, his double throwing was the best of any player all through, and equal well done to Phil Taylor to reach the final after winning it 16 times is in itself an amazing achievement but the way he fought back never giving up was a testament to his character, SKY TV and the PDC did an amazing organising job and the dedicated Dart Gold Channel was a huge success, now it's on to the next event, The Premier League, 10 players competing over 14 weeks on prime time SKY Sports, we will soon know who the 10 players are, one thing we know for sure Gary Anderson will be the first name in the list.

Now I am off to collect my own winnings, thank you Gary.

John Lowe. three times champion of the world in three seperate decades, the 70's, the 80's and the 90's, the first player in the history of the sport to achieve the perfect game of 501 on Television, in 1984, winning £102,000, winner of over 1000 titles world wide, simply: The Legend of Darts.

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