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By John Lowe, Dec 29 2014 09:26AM

The one thing this event produces year after year is maximum scores, yesterdays play produced 66 in total and to go with them drama of the highest quality, Cristo Reyes the Spanish plaer from Tenerife who caused a major upset when he beat Wes Newton the no 13 seed in the first round was at it again, this time his opponent was The Artist Kevin Painter, it took Reyes a while to find his form and at 3-1 down in sets he looked sure to be catching his flight back to the Reef, but Reyes held his nerve and found the doubles required to take the match to 3-3, he then produced a spell of magic hitting 2 maximums in the first leg of the set to break Painters throw, then took out 44 and 72 to seal another great victory.

Hamilton won the first set in his match with Australian Kyle Anderson, then Anderson took the next 2 sets and looked strong and comfortable in front of a packed Ally Pally, Hamilton had to call on his vast experience to win this one and sure enough he did 4-2.

Kim Huybrechts beat Ian white 4-3 in a repeat match of their meeting at the Palace last year, White wining that one.

Dean Winstanley and Darren Webster produced a great match for us TV viewers, it was like watching a drama unfold never sure what the outcome would be, Winstanley wins set 1 and 2, Webster wins the next 3, all of them going to 3-2 in legs that could have been reversed, Winstanley fights back to win the 6th set

and then held his nerve and produced the darts needed to make the victory his with 101 and 79 checkouts

Winstanley was quite emotional in his post match interview, and Webster had the right to feel a little let down.

Phil Taylor was not at his best beating Mark Webster 4-0 but he didn't have to be, his average of 101-92 was all down to clinical finishing, that is the most important factor to any player and Taylor has it by the bucket load.

Adrian Lewis and Keegan Brown, the Unicorn world youth champion produced even more drama, Brown wins the first set 1-3 with a 124 checkout on the Bull, Lewis wins the next with an 11 dart leg, Brown takes the lead at 2-1, then the next 3 sets all go 3-2 to Lewis and the victory, this match could so easily have been reversed, Lewis did hit some great finishes but Keegan never gave up, on this performance he will be a fine player for many years to come.

By John Lowe, Dec 28 2014 09:27AM

Gary Andersonshowed why he is many peoples favourite to win this years world championship when he came from 3 sets to 1 down to defeat Jelle Klaasen last night, this match was class throughout from both players 130 scores of 100 and more 20 maximums 14 of them going to Anderson and both players averaging over 100 per throw, 4-3 was a fair result, the 4 going to Andersons side of the score sheet but it could so easily have been Klaasen.

MVG struggled in the first set against Sasha Stein losing by 3 legs to 1 and looking like he was still on his Christmas break, the second set went to MVG 3-1 but it should have been Steins, missed doubles being the fault, Van Germen woke up in the 3rd set and started to play like the champion albeit in stops and starts, he went on to win the match by 4 sets to 1 but on this showing looks far from retaining his title.

Terry Jenkins produced a master class against Laurence Ryder winning 4-0. Peter Wright put Ronnie Huybrechts out 4-1, Robert Thornton demolished Ronnie Baxter 4-0, but the shock of the days play was the defeat of Dave Chisnall by Benito Van de Pas by 4 sets to 2, when Chisnall won the first set 3-0 he must have thought it was going to be a piece of cake, Wrong, Benito leveled the match at 1-1, Chisnall kicked in again and won the 3rd 3-0, back came Benito to level the match once more 2-2, but he did not let up this time taking the 5th set 3-1, Chisnall knew he was in trouble and opened the 6th set with a maximum and raced into a 2-0 lead, Van de Pas comes back again hitting double 20 to rob Chisnall of the leg, follows with a 77 outshot to level at 2-2 then lands double 8 to complete a famous victory and for Chisnall a miserable end to 2014.

By John Lowe, Dec 27 2014 09:35AM

I have been called a few things in my time mainly in a jocking way so to speak but now i have had something of geographical and historic position named after me, The John Lowe Slagheap in the Ukraine, a lot of people will think it's a hill, tor, or even a small mountain, but because I come from a mining community I know what a Slagheap is, it is the waste left from coal mining or any mining, we have quite a few in Derbyshire most of them now converted into country walks and even golf courses, they also made me a honorary member of their dart club, who knows maybe a visit coming up in 2015.

By John Lowe, Dec 24 2014 09:43AM

Mervyn King lost to Germanys Max Hopp at Ally Pally last night, King claimed he was suffering from a slipped disk in his back which did not help his cause but the young German hit top form in the match scoring 10 maximums a record for the event to date, he also had 66 scores of 100 or more, the match went to a tie break with Hopp winning the fifth set 53, he will now be regarded a big threat to the other players.

Vincent Van der Voort beat John Henderson 3 sets to 2 in a high scoring game that contained 11 maximums, Adrian Lewis polished of David Pallett with ease 3-0 each set going to Lewis by 3 legs to 1 and with an average of 101-90 he looks to be in fine form.

Stephen Bunting spluttered a little against Robert Morjanovic, after taking a 2 set lead without losing a leg he had to watch as Motjanovic hit 2 maximums and 2 doule tops to take the third set, Buntting kicked back into top form and rushed through the 4th set 3-0.

Now we have a Christmas break before action resumes, from me to you have a Happy and peaceful


Photograph: Max Hopp hits the Bullseye and takes the match.

By John Lowe, Dec 23 2014 04:18PM

No 3 seed Adrian Lewis makes his entrance tonight against David Pallett, a lot has been said about this match mainly from the Pallett corner, he beleives he can cause a upset and send Lewis home, i think that's just what Adrian wanted to hear, expect some high scoring from the Stoke ace. Stephen Bunting will play the last match before the Christmas break, he plays the winner of the prelim match, I cannot see much danger for Stephen who I am sure will be on top form.

By John Lowe, Dec 23 2014 08:41AM

We all know how well Michael Smith can perform especially on the treble 20 bed, well, last night he needed all his armoury to defeat seasoned world championship player Mensur Soljovic, it was one if not the best match of the tournament so far,

Smith won the battle of the maximums with 9 in the 20 legs played, but Soljovic outscored Smith in the ton plus table hitting 53 tons and over to Smiths 42, Suljovic also had the best average at 98-91 to Smiths 97-47 and he had the best checkout average 60% to Smiths 50%, so how did he lose 3 sets to 1 ? only those who watched this enthraling game will know, all 4 sets went 3-2, it was those extra maximums by Smith that brought him to the double at the crucial stage of three sets, Set 2 = 180 - 140 out, Set 3 = 180 - 68 out, Set 4 = 180 - 76 out on the bull, Smith won the match but it takes 2 good players to make a great match and Suljovic was quite superb.

I could have said at the begining I told you so, the bookmakers had the favourites and they got it right, maybe a little scare in the first match when Jammie Caven needed all 5 sets to go through 3-2 against Jason Hogg, but Barney made short work of baby faced Roby John Rodrigruez 3-0 taking out not 1 but 2 maximum finishes of 170, and Brendan Dolan cooly took out Nolan Arendse 3-0. But for me the night belonged to Mensur and Michael a match worthy of any World championship.

Barney takes out two maximum finishes of 170

By John Lowe, Dec 22 2014 03:36PM

Tonights matches at Ally Pally are the most one sided in the competition to date, well, that's what the bookmakers would have us beleive, in fact the odds are so one sided the losers cheques could have been sent out yesterday, Jamie Caven is 1/5 against Jason Hogg, Michael Smith 2/7 against Mensur Suljovic, Barney 1/5 against Rowby John Rodriguez and Brendan Nolan 1/7 against the winner of the prelim match Arerdse/Hon. Mensur Sljovic is no stranger to world darts appearing for a few years now and quite capable of producing top darts, he is ranked no 3 in the European Order of Merit one place above Barney, Rowby Rodrigues is also ranked on the PDC tour at number 49 with £10,000 in earnings this season and Scotlands Jason Hogg is also ranked on the PDC Tour at no 139 with £1,500 in earnings, so have the bookies got it right ?, I think they have a little £10 Accumulator would only return you a profit of £10 so not worth the risk, as the title says don't blink or you may miss it.

By John Lowe, Dec 22 2014 09:15AM

James Wade put on a show last night that will please his many fans with an avarage of 97 that could well have been 100 but for a few missed doubles, Wade was in a very interesting mood in his post match interview thanking the crowd for their support and saying he was happy with his game and his life, nice to hear and can only be good for his progress at the Palace.

Dave Chisnall opend his account with a 3-0 win over Ryon De Vreede, Chisnall had a few scarry moments when his darts fell out of the board at a crucial time but he overcame and in the end was a comfortable winner.

John michael the Greek qualfier played well in his prelim match against Jani Haavisto averaging 94 but he could not repeat against his first round opponent Ian White losing 3-1.

Other top games of the day 4, Kim Huybrechts joined brother Ronnie in the next round with a 3-0 win over Mickey Mansell, Kevin Painter beat Boris Kaltsov from Russia 3-1 after the Russian won the first set by 3 legs to 0. Winstanley v Jones was as expected a tough match Jones going into a 2-1 lead in sets before Winstanley found top form winning 3-2. Paul Nicholson met his match in Benito Van De Pas the new player on the PDC ciruit, but more so met his match when trying to double out, that was a major factor in his 3-2 defeat.

And lastly a result from the world of Football Sunderland 1 Newcastle 0 the mighty Black Cats have the bragging rights continue.

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