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By John Lowe, Dec 21 2014 08:58AM

Three more seeds go out and it's only day three, Steve Beaten was well beaten by Kyle Anderson the tee total Australian 3-0, maybe that wasn't a shock Kyle was favourite to win with most people, but Darren Websters demolition of Simon Whitlock was, Whitlock didn't seem to know where he was or what he was doing at times, no one said he was ill or maybe had the dreaded flu but something was certainly bothering him, he always show well at the world championship and losing first round 3-1 will not do his chances of a premier league spot any good. Ronny huybrechts beat Andy The Pie Man Smith 3-0, then when we thought it could not get any worse for the seeded players Justin Pipe goes out to Laurence Ryder the Australian prelim winner 3-2, Ryder deserved his win, Pipe looked anything but in form. Terry Jenkins played very well in his win over John Weber 3-1 and Gary Anderson beat Scott Kircher 3-1 but didn't play anything like we know he can, for all yesterdays results from Ally Pally go to www.planetdarts.com

Simon Whitlock did not smile a lot yesterday losing 3-1 to Darren Webster.

By John Lowe, Dec 20 2014 01:07PM

Today is launch date for my coaching academy : VIDEOTEC Corective Innovation, i have been asked many times, in fact thousands of times if I do one on one coaching lessons, I say yes but avoid them mainly beause it is not a viable possibilty, the travel alone is costly, then the fee which would be at least £400 for a four hour session puts the whole excersise beyond most players, but after a long talk with a senior Golf coaching professional I realised there is an alternative: VIDEOTEC. All you have to do is enlist the help of a friend and a camera capable of recording video, iPhone, Android, Ipad which is the easiest to use, or a video recorder, all suitable and you do not have to be an expert, find a suitable throw, your home, sports club, local pub, then have your friend video you first full front on, five or six throws will be fine, 20 or more even better, do the same from the side view, then the rear view and lastly a shot of your feet at the Oche line, include a still shot of your darts. when that is complete forward the video to me at my email address, I will carefully examine all your atributes and return my thoughts and corective instruction to you, when you have practised the new routine for at least three weeks go through the recording proceedure again and send to me with any comments and improvement made, I will take a pinpoint examination of how you have progressed and return with any further thoughts and adjustment needed. Because there is no need for travel, postage, appointments etc, I am able to offer a one off payment for my service that will last for three months, during which time you can send me up to four videos. Enrolment is open World Wide to all players male, female and youth, for more details of cost etc, please email me at jloweprodart@aol.com

By John Lowe, Dec 20 2014 11:03AM

Andy Hamilton and Dave Richardson's match, the nights opener was one of uncertainty, first Hamilton takes a 1-0 set lead, then Richardson who had not been playing badly went up a gear or two and produced top darts including 6 maximums to take the next 2 sets both 3-1 in legs, then the magic disappeared and he looked confused and to put it mildly fell apart not winning another leg, game over.

Vilanen v Stein was one of those qualifier matches when you think to yourself, how did he (Vilanen) ever come to be in this tournament, we have players in the Victoria Inn, my local who could have beaten him, his average was 67 and he managed just 3 scores of 100 plus in a 4-1 defeat, the social media boards were fuming with comments all rightly so, I hear people saying nerves on the big occasion got to him, I prefer to question how he managed to qualify.

I was enthused by the third match, Peter Wright v Gerwen Price, I had tipped Wright to win but Gerwens palls in South Wales had contacted me during the day to say he was on top form and would cause a big upset, well, it didn't happen but I must say Gerwen is a work in progress, the score line of 3-0 did not do him any favours, he should have won one set and possibly two, Wright showed great respect for Price and that was what won him the match.

Phil Taylor was on a mission, probably to catch his Limo back to the Potteries before midnight, Jylon Artut did not stand a chance and worse he knew it, first two sets 3-0 to the Power, I couldn't help thinking Phil felt a little sorry for Artut, something he does not do, he let Artut have a lot of darts at the doubles eventually getting a leg on the score board, I remember the old pub league saying, never dry rub your opponent, that was double start just one leg, I am sure Phil remembered those times for a few seconds, Phil wrapped the match up 3-0 and Artut will be able to say he was not whitewashed, don't expect Phil to be so generous in the next round.

The last match was Stuart Kellet v Sascha Stein the Prelim winner over Vilanen ( that's the guy who somehow managed to claim a place in the biggest event in world darts) Kellet was favourite to win the match but to be fair he had no idea of Steins form from watching his first match, before he knew it he was a set down losing 3 legs to 0, he was lucky to win the second set Stein missing tops to take it, the third set was similar but it was Stein who held on this time, the 4th set was another 5 leg set but Stein was the better player and although he missed 3 mtach darts to let Kellet level at 2-2 he took out 79 on the bull to cause upset number 3 after two days.

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By John Lowe, Dec 19 2014 10:13AM

The first day of the World's, did it go to plan ? Keegan Brown Unicorn World Youth Champion was favourite to beat three times World Champion John Part and he raced into a 2 sets lead and looked to be cruising to the next round but Part's pride would not let the young pretender whitewash him and fought back to level the match at 2 sets each, Keegan then seemed to answer the wake up call and moved his game up a gear winning the deciding set 3-0. Cristo Peyes from Tenerife (my own traing camp) beat Christian Perez in a prelim match by 4 legs to 0 and with a 93 average would prove a tough opponent for Newton later in the night. Klassen beat Kist both former BDO champions in a very good match, the score line of 3-1 did not reflect the performance from Kist and it was a shame we lost such a good player so early in the championship. The much awaited match between Michael Van Gerwen and Joe Cullen was next and although MVg went into a 2-0 lead, eventualy winning the match 3-1 every set went the full 5 legs, MVG did not blow hot and cold, he blew freezing and boiling, one minute throwing maximums for fun the next struggling to manage 60, this match was a wake up call for the champion if he is going to sucessfully defend his title or even reach the quarters. Wes Newton played a even contest with the qualifier Reyes, but it was Reyes check out consistency of 42% that caused the first big upset of the championship, Newton finding himself 2-0 rallied to bring the match back to 2-2 at this stage Newton the number 13 seed (unlucky some would say) was the favourite but Reyes proved he is a good competitor and player and the match went into a tie break, they traded legs up to 5-5 then it was sudden death, one leg to decide the winner, Reyes managed to win with D16.

On another note, I was surprised to hear commentator Rod Harrington say Newton had changed his position at the Oche after some coaching advice, he was told the reason his darts were not going straight was because he was not more central to the board, I have watched Wes for many years and can see the reason his darts do not go straight is because he drops his right shoulder and turns his right arm over, of course position at the Oche is important but as my golf professional once told me, don't try and change anything in the playing season it will just cause you to think about what you are doing and what you used to do, if you want to change anything major do it when there are no tournaments to play in, I think that was good advice and maybe Wes should have waited till after this the biggest event in world darts was over before he made any changes to his game, sadly he will have all the time he needs now.

Photograph: Keegan Brown celebrates his win over John Part.

By John Lowe, Dec 18 2014 12:36PM

The Sun Newspaper is carying a eight page pull out of the World Darts Championship today, up to date interviews with the players, a Sun Lowdown of 5 players to watch and a great insight into Peter Wright on and off the Oche, this is a great advancement for the sport and true recognition that it is now not only a mega money earning sport but also a mega viewing sport, the PDC have continued to open new avenues to promote and introduce darts to a wider audience getting a major daily tabloid on board is just another step, I can only feel this years championship will be the best, there is a lot of expectation from fans and spectators and if the truth is known no one is over confident their player will stand on the Oche on January the 4th 2015 and battle it out to become the Champion, we can look at the recent form but we cannot guarantee that form will be continued, that's what makes the championship attractive, that's why we will be watching every dart thrown we possibly can, in 7 hours time the hype, the talk, the waiting will all be over and it will be game on, the full chart of all matches is free in the Sun today

By John Lowe, Dec 17 2014 11:38AM

Thirty two hours to the start of the biggest darts tournament ever held on the Planet, the William Hill PDC World Championships live on SKY Sports dedicated Darts Chanell from Ally Pally London. The prize fund is £1.25 Million and the first prize is £250,000, yes, darts has come a long way since that first World Championship in Nottigham when Leighton Rees beat yours truly and won £3,000 and my last time as World champion in 1993 when I picked up £21,000 for being victorious over Alan Warriner. Times change and darts has changed for the better, I still hear people say "I liked it better when characters played the game, people like Jocky Wilson, Big Cliff Lazarenko, it's not the same now" of course I disagree, those where the pioneering times, the start of professional darts, the start of darts as a profession, true to say it was an entertaining era but unfortunately people laughed at the likes of Jocky they did not laugh with him, and then it was the days of smoke and beer, Jolley's in Stoke would be full of people but also full of smoke, my eyes used to be red after a match from the smoke and my clothes would smell of it, even though I never smoked I didn't avoid it, it was the norm, the accepted and the beer was part of the dart players life, the quote at the time "you can take the darts out of the pub but you cannot take the beer out of darts" right at the time no doubt but change has been made and now the stage is clear and apart from the water jug dry. The rules of the sport have also changed, not the fundamental rules of the game, straight start double finish, bust rule to apply, the score counts only where the point is in the board, the player must stand behind the oche, all basic rules, common sense. The rules of conduct have changed, players can be charged with bringing the game into disrepute, many have and they have been fined, some monatary some suspended for up to a year, both costly when the sport is also your livelyhood, random drug testing is now common place and any would be player testing positive can expect a ban that would most probably end their career, all good rules that safeguard you against your opponent, one rule not written into the book is the act of sportsmanship, a hand shake to start the match and one when it is over, I guess that is left to the individual. Tomorrow night the first handshake will be between John Part and Unicorn World Youth Champion Keegan Brown, these two have the honour of launching the 2014/5 World Championships from then on who know's what will happen, there will be upsets, tears, tantrums, amazing drama, all in the name of sport, the Sid Wadell trophy and a little matter of a cheque for £250,000, I know what it is like to be up there in front of the cameras, lights, and the spectators, there is nowhere to hide nowhere to run, you have to be ready and trust your preparation is right and you also need a little luck, so good luck to all competitors and may the best player win.

By John Lowe, Dec 16 2014 10:59AM

Mixed reaction from last nights documentary Bullseyes and Beer, almost everyone liked the opening 40 mins or so, but then felt the programme went flat and drifted into the life and times of Eric, a pity when you consider the amount of time given by quite a few people to make what was expected to be a insight into early 70's darts right up to todays mega million pound circuit, lot's of good untold honest answers to questions many wanted to hear missed out, cannot help feeling editing was exhausted in the first half of the programme leaving little time and room for the real subject to be completed, I know many who watched enjoyed seeing myself, Eric, Bobby and Keith from the past, but the true story was left in the can.

Edward Lowey at Unicorn summed it up: very BBC !

By John Lowe, Dec 15 2014 09:19AM

The Big one starts this week live from Ally Pally London on SKY Sports Darts Channel Thursday the 18th, first match John Part V Keegan Brown, we all know what John can do and I am sure he will have been preparing well, we do not have to even think that Keegan will have been putting the hours in on his Unicorn Eclipse Board, he will be raring to go, maybe a little nervous but that will soon disappear when the match gets underway, Keegan is surprisingly slight favourite to win, either way it will be a good Christmas for one of them and a early one for the other

John Lowe. three times champion of the world in three seperate decades, the 70's, the 80's and the 90's, the first player in the history of the sport to achieve the perfect game of 501 on Television, in 1984, winning £102,000, winner of over 1000 titles world wide, simply: The Legend of Darts.

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