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By John Lowe, Dec 14 2014 09:27AM

I will be in the BBC Sheffield Radio station tomorrow morning to discuss the sport of darts and where it is today, the interview has been arranged to promote tomorrow nights documentary on BBC4 Beer and Bullseyes showing at 9am, if you are in the Sheffield area and tune in you can send any questions you have to the station, Sheffield is very prominent in so much it is where I started playing challenge money matches, the Arundel Club at Manor Top was our venue way back in the early 70's 400 people would cram into the main room on a Saturday afternoon to watch the likes of Brian Langworth, Tony Littlewood, alan Evans, Leighton Rees and myself play for large sums of money, it would not be unusual for over £1000 to change hands in bets and the price of a entry ticket 40p in old money, that was the only way to play serious darts and find out the top players, the BDO had not been formed, there wasn't any Inter-County or Super Leagues, just the NDAGB National Darts Association of Great Britain, they ran the News of the World championship the biggest darts tournament in the World and the Nodor Fours and the National NDAGB Singles, I am proud to say I have won all of those events now long superseeded by todays TV tournaments, but without those early events in years gone by darts would not be where it is right now, to find out more watch Beer and Bullseyes 9pm Tomorrow night.

By John Lowe, Dec 13 2014 10:52AM

Looks like I stirred the pot a little yesterday when I questioned how USA representative at this years World Championships was selected, I like a little flutter on first round matches in particular and it would be silly if I did not check out who players I have not come across before have been performing, most are easy to trace through their country of origin organisations, the American Darts Organisation one of the largest would surely supply all for their player: Scott Kircher, I searched through all 1015 listed players in their rankings, top was Leonard Gates with 1312 points followed by Tom Sayer, Larry Butler and Jim Widmayer, it seemed like the list was never ending, I went through it twice thinking I had missed Scott somewhere but no, he wasn't in the list, so how did he manage to secure a place in the biggest darts event in the world under the banner of the USA? I put feelers out on twitter and Dartsunderground and it was not long before answers came flooding in, Scott had been selected to play by his sponsor Dartslive (owned by Sega) his criteria for selection was he had won the 2013 Championship on the soft tip board, I also learned that Dartslive and the PDC have some kind of associated link to promote the sport albeit they are not in the least the same discipline, It would appear Paul Lim received the same invitation to appear in the Worlds last year from Dartslive and he would have been playing no doubt this year if he hadn'd decided to move home to Singapore who he now represents, all interesting reading I thought. What intrigued me most was who is representing the USA at the championship ? it appears no one, they do not have a qualifying tournament with the PDC, that really shocked me after all those years of the NAO and the Dessert Classic run by the PDC in Las Vegas apparently all in vain and lost to soft tip, of course I ruffled a few feathers with my thoughts one guy saying I had nothing better to do with my time these days and I did question myself, had I made a mistake in asking such a simple straighforward question, it took me all of 30 seconds to decide I was right and justifiably so and more so why hadn't someone else asked the question ? of course it is the PDC's right to find their qualifying players for the tournament, this I did not question, it was my curiousity derived from wanting to place a little bet on the outcome of a match that uncovered the facts, did I like what I found ? NO I didn't I thought all players taking part in the World Championship qualified using the same dart board, the same throwing distence and the same discipine, I am sure Scott Kircher is a fine steel tip player and I wish him well, as for my little flutter, I will wait until the first round proper begins.

By John Lowe, Dec 11 2014 09:33AM

Kyle Anderson Australia's representative at this years World Championship came to my local The Victoria Inn on Brmapton Chesterfield yesterday, his management team brought their camerman along and we thre darts and chatted for a couple of hours, I first met Kyle when he was 15 years old, I was doing a exhibition tour of Australia, we became friends and have remained so, Kyle's first round match is against Steve Beaten a former World Champion and a tough competitor, but Kyle is no stanger to the Ally Pally stage, he hit the perfect game of 501 in 9 darts last year and he is more than ready to repeat that feat having scored 2 in practise this week, one thing that stands out with Kyle he is tee total, probably another first.

By John Lowe, Dec 10 2014 03:48PM

Big dates to remember in December that is before we celebrate Xmas, on monday the 15th December on BBC4 we have the first viewing of a great documentary put together by Matt Thomas, darts from the early 70's through to today, a insight into how the game, now a sport has progressed from the pub passtime into a sport equal to others, then on December the 18th SKY Sports begins their coverage of the William Hill PDC World Championships from Ally Pally, London. The documentary will be a revelation to many, it's needs to be watched with a open mind, everyones own opinion is valid but if it is not for the good of the sport it can be counter productive to the future, I leave you to watch and hopefully pass your thoughts back. The PDC World Professional needs no introduction, no recommendation, it has grown from a tournament held at the Circus Tavern in 1994 to a mega tournament worth £1.25 million pounds in prize money £250,000 going to the winner this year, it will provide entertainment, upsets and no doubt a few tears and it will emerge at the end of the two weeks the premier event in Darts, who will win ? we all have our own favourites most of them capable of lifting the trophy, but no one can be sure, just enjoy the event as it unfolds and good luck to all the qualifying players from all parts of the World.

By John Lowe, Dec 9 2014 08:18AM

After the successful Apocolypse 2 event at the Stevenage Leisure Centre on Saturday we traveled across to Harpenden to enjoy a afternoon of darts at the Malta Innn and that's just what it was, a truly great time playing against players of all ages, Tommy being the oldest at 74, the ladies took part as well, 20 matches of 501, good darts good banter and great friendship, Bill and Julie the hosts of the Malta keep a fine Inn and I am sure the day kick started everyone's Christmas spirit, the day belonged to Gary Ewington a friend of mine for years who has experienced a dreadful time with cancer over the last months, now in remission and back on the dart board a true inspiration to all of us, I was pleased to be able to present Gary with my own Darts at the end of play and look forward to playing him many more times in the future, we finished the day off in style, a trip to the local Indian and that my friends is what John and Karen Lowe do on a day off.

Next visit to Hertfordshire: 28th February Welwyn Garden City Shamrock Club.

By John Lowe, Dec 4 2014 03:55PM

Bob Anderson and myself will make our way North of the Border to Kilwinning in april 2015, we will be doing a charity exhibition for the Ayrshire Hospice, the event will be held at Taylors, I am sure you will want to support this great cause, all details on the poster.

By John Lowe, Dec 3 2014 03:32PM

A n in depth documentary about darts will be shown on BBC4 on Monday the 15th of December, I am very much involved as it coversmy many years involvement with the sport including not only my success on the Oche but also the split with the BDO, I was the reigning world champion and did not get a chance to defend (I must say that was my choice) hear the story from both sides of the fence, listen to the tales of the fasciniating money matches played in the early 70's and how the game transformed from the British pub into the sporting giant it is today, Matthew Thomas the Producer and director has spent many months researching and filming, It will be interesting to see the finished production. A must for all darts enthusiasts.

By John Lowe, Dec 1 2014 08:14AM

Gary Anderson beat Adrian Lewis in Minehead last night to win the Cask Converters Players Championship and he did it in style, first beating Phil The Power Taylor in the quarter final by 10 legs to 6, then defeating Vincent van der Voort in the semi final by 11 legs to 7. Lewis won a hard to beat Jamie Caven in the quarter final 10-9, and Wes Newton in the semi final 11-6. Anderson was a very worthy winner playing superb darts all the way through the event his averages always 100+ coupled to the high scoring barrage of maximums and the most important the finishing that produces great champions, Gary will go into the World Championship full of confidence and on this form will be one of the firm favourites.

If you want to see Gary in action and maybe get the chance to play him, then get your ticket for Saturday at Stevenage, a star packed bill of darts, start your christmas here.

John Lowe. three times champion of the world in three seperate decades, the 70's, the 80's and the 90's, the first player in the history of the sport to achieve the perfect game of 501 on Television, in 1984, winning £102,000, winner of over 1000 titles world wide, simply: The Legend of Darts.

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