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By John Lowe, Jul 26 2013 07:26AM

James Wade and Simon Whitlock, produced one of the classic matches of Matchplay history last night in Blackpool, a match that seemingly could not get any better, did, the lead went to Whitlock, back to Wade, and hung in the balance until the 34th leg of the match, Wade coming out the winner 18-16. There was 148 scores off 100 and over, including 17 maximums, but this match will be remembered for more than the scores, it was a no nonsense match, no irritating matchplay antics from either player, just pure class darts, and darts prodced the winner, a fine, fine performance from two sporting champions.

Phil Taylor beat Justin Pipe in the other quarter final 16-10, Pipe putting up a great show, and outscoring the Power with maximums, 10 to 5, but Taylor was in a determined frame of mind, convinced he had to show the people once more he is the champion, earlier in the day, he had been accused by non other than Eric Bristow of cheating in the final off the Gibralter Open, when his winning double 12, was shown later not to have hit the target, photographs shown in the tabloids clearly show the dart was outside the wire, but Russ Bray and Dean Winstanley, both failed to notice, and I beleive Phil just pulled his darts out of the board with one hand, and was maybe looking away from the board at the time, with wires so narrow on the modern dart board, it is and has been difficult for the referee to see from his angle of the board, and double twelve is at the opposite end of the board, I do not beleive Phil Taylor would want to cheat, nor do I think it would ever cross his mind.

Photograph: Simon Whitlock.

By John Lowe, Jul 23 2013 07:28AM

Andy Hamilton demolished a seemingly uninterested Ronnie Baxter, in the World Matchplay, at the Winter Gardens, Blackpool. last night, there was a 10 point per throw difference in the averages, Baxter managing just 20 scores of a ton or more, a poor performance from a player of his quality, Robert Thornton, the player regarded by many, the mentaly toughest player on the circuit, could not find his form against Ian white, losing by 10 legs to 3. Wes Newton was in a commanding lead against Jamie Caven more than once, 5-2. 6-3 and 7-4, but then came the Caven fight back, a run of winning legs, and it was 7-7, and he did not let up, going on to take the match 10-8 to the bewilderment of a stunned Newton. All first round matches have now been played, MVG and Taylor successfuly through in the £400,000 tournament, the format of legs instead off sets, is a big factor, I know from experience it is possible to win more legs with the sets format, and still lose the match, the World Matchplay produces the winner who plays the better, and wins the most legs, no wonder it is good to watch, easy to understand, but can be embarrassing for the likes of Ronnie Baxter on tonights showing.

Photograph: Taylor and Lewis, both in round two.

By John Lowe, Jul 20 2013 07:33AM

PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour Announcement

July 19 2013

THE PDC are delighted to confirm the addition of a PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour weekend on Saturday September 7 & Sunday September 8 at the Rivermead Centre in Reading.

The announcement takes the number of Challenge Tour weekends on this year's calendar to six, with a final trio of events to be held on September 28 & 29 at the K2 Centre in Crawley.

The PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour - which is open to players aged from 14-25* - has made a hugely successful start with the four weekends already held this year.

Each weekend features three tournaments which are each worth £3,000 in prize money, with two events taking place on the Saturday and one on the Sunday.

Entry to each event costs £30, with all entries to be made online before the entry deadline, which is 5pm on Friday July 12.

Entry Information

* The PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour events are open to any player aged from 14-25, other than players ranked in the top 64 of the PDC Order of Merit at the time entries close (5pm on the Friday immediately before each weekend).

Players can play from the day they turned 14, while players aged 25 or younger on January 1 2013 can enter all tournaments during 2013.

Entry will cost £30 per player per event, and entries will close at 5pm on the Friday immediately before each Challenge Tour weekend.

Tournaments now open for entry are:

PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour Weekend Five (Rivermead Centre, Reading)

Event 13 & 14 - Saturday September 7

Event 15 - Sunday September 8

Entry to follow for

PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour Weekend Six (K2 Centre, Crawley)

Events 16 & 17 - Saturday September 28

Event 18 - Sunday September 29

By John Lowe, Jul 9 2013 06:40AM

It wasn't difficult to see why Lewis won the european Masters, his high scoring, and more so high finishing was decisive, against Van Gerwen he hit 8 maximums, and finished on 160 -141 and 100, against Whitlock in the final, he averaged 103, broke throw 4 times, and threw 9 scores over 170, maybe the old Adrian Lewis is back, I have the feeling he relishes playing MVG, the speed of throw suits him well, unlike playing Taylor, when he has to think about his game more, interesting matches to come.

By John Lowe, Jul 3 2013 09:00AM

A question I have been asked over the last month or so, can darts be taught ? the reason for the question, a few of the top professional players in the sport, have voiced their opinion that darts is something you teach yourself, well, I am very surprised at this reasoning, if there is one, and find it very selfish of these players who have earned a very good living from the sport. Darts is in the coordination list of sports, it requires the arm to release the dart at the target the eye is seeing, and to do this the brain has to link all the actions to make it work. Is there a correct way to start playing ? again, Yes, you can start playing in your own chosen style, but you may find yourself in the wilderness for years, wondering, if only you had started with a style that is recognised basic, fundamental, stuck with it until you had changed from a proficient player to an efficient one. If you start right, you can fine tune all aspects of your style, if you start wrong, you may succeed for a few years, but then inevitably your game will break down and you will be left wondering why. The players who have achieved longevity in the sport, have done so because they have a reliable all round game, they stand comfortable, not a lot of pressure on their back, they have their dart held at eyesight, or underneath level, and their throwing action is smooth and extended in release, all basic prinicples that can be taught. There will always be an exception, a player that has a part of his or her game that no one else seems to have, but for the majority who are willing to work on their game, there must be a starting point, and it is always better to start right.

The Art of Darts App, for iphone and ipad, illustrate the basic principle of dart throwing, 45 mins of coaching, advice, and much more.

By John Lowe, Jun 23 2013 07:52AM

British Telecom have challenged the dominance of SKY TV in the sporting world, they have secured 38 Premier League Football Games, for the 2013/14 season, they have also taken AVIVA Rugby, and a thrid channel will screen selected sports, SKY TV have had a monopoly of sporting events, especially Premier League Football, although they have paid a high fee to the Football Authorities to screen the matches, the latest fee was 2.5Billion pounds, British Telecom are a major player, and they announced, the fee of 1 Billion pounds, they have spent to set up the new Sport channels, will not hurt them in any way, of course there is a motive, to view the new sport channels, you have to be a full Broadband BT subscriber, which of course means the advertising, get 38 Premier League Matches for free) is not really true, the good news for us home viewers, who subscribe to SKY, not just for Football, but probably more so, for the massive coverage of our sport Darts, a new competitor has moved into the market, when the annoucement that BT was to start up it's own Sport channels, was made, 650 Million pounds was wiped off the value of SKY shares, I am a total SKY subscriber, Telephone, Broadband, and the SKY TV package, it is not cheap at around £90 per month, like many others I will be keeping a close watch on the progress BT will make into the market, it may mean SKY will have to reduce their subscription charges, if they are to retain their market share, attempts to break the SKY monopoly by companies like Setanta and ESPN, in the past, have failed, but this is different, British Telecom do have the fastest Broadband system in place, and I fully expect many thousnads of customers who left them for other providers, will flock back tenfold, and the final expectation I feel will happen, almost inevitably, Darts coverage on British Telecom, it would be great to have a seniors event, something the PDC surely have to address.

By John Lowe, Jun 18 2013 06:58AM

Just 12 weeks away from the Chipeque Legends of Darts night, this will be the third year we have all enjoyed good food, entertainment, and company, fast becoming one of the events of the year, if you are planning on being there, then contact Paul at Chipeque, and reserve your tickets now, all details on the poster, double click to enlarge, copy and save, or print off, lets make it a night to remember.

By John Lowe, Jun 12 2013 08:43AM

Yesterday I received a wonderful gift from the American Embassy, Baghdad, Iraq, my good friend Winnie Winton is working in Baghdad, as a security officer, he kindly approached the Embassy, and asked if they could contribute towards my charity golf day in Tenerife, I was delighted to receive a message from Major R.J.Peterson, and a set of two Balls, a Marker, and Five Tee Pegs, all engraved, a very special lot, and one I feel sure many collectors out there would love to own, the ball marker is unique, superbly cast, the balls and tee's to be owned and never used, my charity in Tenerife is: AMATE Breast Cancer Care Tenerife, the golf day will be held on the 14th of September 2013, anyone who wishes to put a bid in for the presentation of golf balls, marker, and tee's, can do so at jloweprodart@aol.com. the winning bid will be announced on the 14th September after the golf..

John Lowe. three times champion of the world in three seperate decades, the 70's, the 80's and the 90's, the first player in the history of the sport to achieve the perfect game of 501 on Television, in 1984, winning £102,000, winner of over 1000 titles world wide, simply: The Legend of Darts.

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Mr Maximums: Cliff Thorburn the first player to do a 147 Snooker clearance on TV and myself the first person to do the 9 dart 501 on TV

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John appeared on ITV's Amazing Greys in 2014 he had to hit as many targets as possible in 30 seconds, all the targets where different heights and lengths, if the competitor beat John he would win £10,000, John won by a margin of 9.

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One of John's favourite charity's is The Variety Club of Great Britain who raise many thousands of pounds by organising golf days around the country, the aim is to buy Mini Coaches for Children, in the picture John is at St Piere Chepstow and the Coach in view is about to be present to a School in Birmingham.

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Royal Palm is John's favourite resort in Tenerife situated in Los Cristianos, it has everything you could ask for to make your stay enjoyable, immaculate in every way, all English TV and Satelite channels, quite, secure, close to excellent restaurants and friendly Bars, for a full tour of Royal Palm click the photograph above. Make sure you inform the Manager Neil I sent you, it makes a difference.

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