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By John Lowe, Mar 8 2013 09:44AM

A few years ago I wrote, darts America is being lost, I blamed the invasion of the British, taking over the North American Open, branding it their own, and worse, running it their way, the old traditional way of entry , where players and teams could chose which event they wanted to enter, was changed, a lot of people would travel to Las Vegas, knowing they where not good enough to compete with the top players, or even the mid table players, but they still entered the blind draw doubles, in the hope they may draw a top player, their chance to play with the stars, that all changed and a one off entry fee to all events was introduced, entries dropped, and after a few years the event was lost, it was replaced with the Desert Classic, an event that would raise the profile of American Darts, but would it? it was screened on SKY TV in the UK, and Fox TV in America, when they had the time slot to do so, sadly it was all British, not a Stars and Stripes to be seen, not one American MC, or Caller, a piece of the Uk taken to America to promote a British product, it failed, and America was left with very little to replace the events lost. I beleived the PDC had given up on the growth of Darts America, I am pleased to say I was wrong, I received my copy of BEN. Bullseye News, today, and was delighted to read the news from the publishers...... The PDC have scheduled 10 Championship events, and prize money to include the top 64 at each event,a total of $132,800 on offer, they have also launched The North American Professional Players Association (NAPDPA) who will host a North american Open Championship in 2014, and finally, the road to televised darts in North America is getting shorter, the interest generated by David Irete, and his screening of NWDS events, have enthused 60 Minutes Sports, to air a speciall feature showing the Professional side of Darts America, I am delighted for the players, and the organisers, who never gave up on Darts America, and more than delighted to see the PDC have returned to promote the growth of the sport in the USA, all I ask now, is to let the American Organisers run their own events, introduce their own MC/Callers, make it truly America, they know what they are doing, and they are very good at it.

By John Lowe, Mar 8 2013 08:20AM

Surprises at Nottingham, that was how SKY TV from man Dave Clark described last nights Premier League action, and he was not wrong, Taylor lost to Anderson, Van Gerwen went down to Lewis, they where the games talked about most, Gerwen stated before his match he though a nine dart game was on, thinking the pace that Lewis would throw, would give him that chance, wrong, Lewis played a very good game, he slowed MVG down, and never let him get into his quick fire game, a lesson to all the other players in the league, and a great win for Lewis, two points at last. Taylor was not at his best, Anderson saying as much in his post match interview, "to beat Taylor any time is good, but to beat him with a 95 average, I will take that " that is the firt time he has beaten Taylor in the last 17 outings. Wade played superb, and his back to his very best, beating Thornton 7-1. Whitlock kept his nerv to beat Newton, after being 4-1 down, and Barney defeated Hamilton with some great darts, including 6 maximums, 7-5, the top four in the table after 5 weeks are:

Barney 8

Wade 7

Taylor 6

Gerwen 6

After 10 weeks of play, the bottom two in the table drop out, now the fight is well and truly on.

Photograph: A delighted Gary Anderson beats Phil the Power Taylor.

By John Lowe, Mar 7 2013 09:50AM

Michael Van Gerwen beleives a nine dart game is on for his match with Adrian Lewis, in the Premier League, week five, from Nottinghams Arena, tonight, March the 7th. MVG is sure the pace at which this game will be played suits both players, he does not say however, that Lewis is at rock bottom, both in the League, and confidence wise, he clearly sees this his chance to stay at the top of the leader board, and a ideal match to record the ultimate game. Taylor will take on Anderson, who himself is baffled why he cannot hit those illusive doubles, the part of his game that is letting him down badly, Taylor is playing at his best for a long time, and will be very hard to beat, Barney takes on Hamilton, both players are confident, but if Barney gets away from Hamilton, he will be dificult to catch, Wade plays Thornton, both players are in good form, Wade played very well last week to take the draw against Taylor, Thornton seems to be enjoying the PL, and it is bringing the best out of him, this match could well be the draw of the night, Newton is up against the might of Australia, Whitlock, both players are finding the 2013 Premier League difficult, Whitlock is not at his ruthless best, and seems to be in a rut, however I expect him to come out blazing tonight, determined to climb up the league table, it should be another night of top class darts, and maybe, just maybe, MVG has it right.

By John Lowe, Mar 5 2013 10:44AM

I will be playing at the Crown and Anchor, Horsley, Northumberland, this Friday the 8th of March, and it's the final, the Crown players have been holding their knockouts, and now it's the time for them to see how they can perform, the darts will start at 8pm, map below.

By John Lowe, Mar 3 2013 03:17PM

I am never amazed when I see the youngsters playing our sport of darts, after all TV does attract the youth, be it One Direction, or Phil Taylor, the attraction is the thought, that they can emulate their favourite's, darts is a simple, and quite cheap sport to try, putting the application in needed to enjoy playing well is another thought, with practise, and patience, it is possible to reach a level of perfection, I have been in Ireland for almost two weeks, sightseeing around Galway, and of course finding out the dart bars, and their throws, O Dwyers in Castlebar, Racey Byrnes in Carlow, Carthy's in Leitrim, The Corner House in Dumdrum, just a few, probably the biggest impression I will leave with, is the number of youngsters who are playing, many of then not tall enough to retrive their own darts, but nevertheless they throw over and over, I am a big believer, when teaching a youngster to throw, you should fix the dart board at a height where the bull is level with the nose of the player, as he or she grows taller, the board should be highered until the day it is the regulation height of 5' 8" from the floor to the centre of the Bullseye, this is not possible in many bars, but if more than one board is available, it is always a good idea to have one at a lower height for the youngsters, their own area, and I am sure bar owners, landlords and managers, will see a increase in trade, I must add, darts is an adult sport, and youngsters should be supervised at all times by an adult.

By John Lowe, Mar 1 2013 11:34AM

Robert Thornton put on a super show in Exeter last night, playing fellow Scott, Gary Anderson, he won 7-2 with a average of 109, Anderson had no answer for the scoring power, and finishing of Thornton, who has now established himdelf a contender for this years Premier League, Taylor and Wade also played superb darts, both averaging over 100, a draw a fitting outcome for the match, Barney destoyed out of form Whitlock 7-3, and Van Gerwen proved to be to strong for Hamilton, winning 7-2, in the bottom of the table match, between Newton and Lewis, Newton came out a 7-3 winner, with a 85 average, not good enough to challenge for top honours in this league, Lewis looking certain to go out of the event after 10 weeks, unless he can dramatically improve his form, after four weeks, the top places are evenly tied, and we can expect some great matches as the players fight it out for quaifying places.

By John Lowe, Feb 28 2013 04:49PM

OK, I have listened, Twiter folowers do not like me just advertising the matches in the Premier League, they want me to blog my predictions on each game, well, I did just that two weeks ago, and came very close to hitting the jackpot, only MVG let me down with a draw, I thought that was the best week to date, I could probably come close, the pairings where right, the problem predicting match results is, we do not know how each player feels, we do not know what is happening in their personal life, how their confidence is holding up, etc, unlike a race horse, where every detail from training, to health, diet, and much more is made common knowledge, dart players are deep individuals, they try to give nothing away, so as much as I would like to think I can read each player form, there is a uncertainty in every match, I will however offer my own thoughts on tonight's matches as I see them.

Thornton v Anderson, the all Scottish Match, Thornton is without doubt a great battler, and it could be said Anderson is a great bottler when it comes to doubles, I like both these two players, and think they are good TV, tonight I am going for Gary Anderson, the pride of Scotland is at stake.

Hamilton v Van Gerwen, Hamilton is at home in any event, frightened of no one, but for me he is a Taylor Copy, unfortunately he does not have Taylors fluency, MVG is like a prize fighter, every throw is intentional, without any malice, I would add, I feel MVG will win tonight, and a nine darter may be included.

Wade v Taylor, I have always thought, from TV viewing, there is not a lot of love lost between these two, and not a great deal of respect, Taylor hit top form last week, and he clearly enjoyed it, I take Taylor to win tonight.

Newton v Lewis, The two players one and two, at the wrong end of the table, Lewis looks thrown out, Newton looking a little out of his depth in this company, I feel pride will play a big part in this match, Newton will be steady, but Lewis needs the points badly, a Lewis win.

Barney v Whitlock, a tough one to call, and could be the draw match of the night, Barney was well beaten by MVG last week, Whitlock well beaten by Taylor, who want's it bad enough ? they both do, and that's why I go for the Draw.

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