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By John Lowe, Nov 10 2016 10:00AM

In 1980 Unicorn Darts introduced the Tungsten Titanium Range, I was probably the first player to throw them, being a great admirer of Brass Darts, totally down to the feel and the grip that meterial gave, of course the density of Brass ment a 21 gram barrel would be quite large, making it almost imposible to put 3 in the treble bed, tungsten solved this problem, it being 3 times the density of Brass. Unicorn's Titanium range to many only changed the colour of the barrel to Gold, but it did more than that, it gave a feel and grip that can be likened to Brass, for me it was the answer I had been looking for for years, I had long since decided that 21 gram was my throwing weight, I knew I could almost guide the dart to the target, by holding the dart in the cetre of the barrel, the projectory was almost perfect, the dart entering the board a few degrees above horizontal, if I moved my fingers to the back of the dart when throwing it would go into the board straighter, and if perfected the dart would even go under the one already in the board, I have like most players tried heavier and lighter darts, usually when my form had dipped, but I always came back to my tried and trusted 21 gram Model, the old saying "If it's not broken, don't mend it" comes to mind, stems and flights are an individual choice, what looks good to the eye will usually make dart throwing much easier, with so many variations available, Unicorn decided to luanch my Golden Titanium, Barrels only, this means you do not pay for something you do not want, likewise the darts come without a case, something else you probably already have, it is without doubt the barrels that make the dart what it is, the engine of the missile, the shape of the flight, the length of the point are something that a player can and should tinker with, but once you have the right barrel, your confidence to perform well under all circumstances will improve dramatically, my endorsement for my own dart is simple to understand, it has given me coutless titles world wide, and I can tell you all, a few years after Phil Taylor had won a couple of World Titles, he took 10 sets of my darts from Unicorn's office and turned them into his own model, they worked very well for him returning countless World Titles, an endorsement if ever there was one, there have been many copies made by other companies, but there is only one genuine John Lowe Titanium Signature Dart, and it's available to you.

By John Lowe, Nov 7 2016 08:38AM

Michael Van Gerwen won his second World Series of Darts in Glasgow last night, beating Peter Wright in a close fought final 11-9, earlier MVG beat Simon Whitlock 10-0 and Dave Chisnall 11-3 in the first semi-final, Wright beat Joe Cullen 10-7 and Phil Taylor 11-10 in the second semi-final, a match that Taylor did have darts at doubles to move into the final.

The final was a close affair, the lead changing 3 times, Wright took early adavantage at 4-3, MVG responded by taking 5 out of the next 6 legs, Wright would not give up winning 3 in a row to take the match to 10-9 , and there was everything to play for, when MVG scored his 9th maximum in the 20th leg of the match it looked like victory was his, however 6 misses at doubles did give Wright a little hope, amazingly he could not find the double in 5 attempts and MVG took out double 2 and with it the title. this was Wright's 7th appearance in a major TV event, losing all 7, and yet again to the Dutchman, Michael Van Gerwen.

Next up, The Grand Slam of Darts from Wolves, who will be defending the title ? YES, non more than the best player on the Planet right now, Michael Van Gerwen.

By John Lowe, Oct 31 2016 08:47AM

Michael Van Gerwen won his 3rd consecutive European Championship with a sensational run of high class scoring and finishing against Mensur Soljovic at the Etlais Arena in Hasselt, Belgium, last night, the final score was 11legs to 1, MVG averaging 111-62 and a finishing average of 73%, Suljovic had earlier beaten Peter Wright 11-8 and Phil Taylor 10-3 to reach his first Televised final, after beating such formidable opponents Suljovic was full of confidence, and was sure he would give MVG a fight, however it was not to be, MVG on this form is unbeatable and he just blew Soljovic away as the scoreline suggests, MVG now holds the European Championship, World Matchplay, World Grand Prix, and the UK Open, all majors in 2016.

Next event is the Finals of the World Series in Glasgow on November the 5th, MVG will play Gerwyn Price or Steve Beaton, Taylor at the other end of the draw will face Mensur Soljovic or Robert Thornton.

Photograph: Michael Van Gerwen makes it three in a row.

By John Lowe, Oct 24 2016 08:10AM

The Ladbrokes World Series of Darts and the Singhs Beer Grand Slam, qualifying came to an end on Sunday at the Metrodome, Barnsley, over 150 players fought it out for the 8 places in the Grand Slam, and 4 places in the World Series, The Grand Slam a firm fixture in the calendar which sees PDC and BDO players take part in the same event, Qualifyers are: Brendon Dolan, Robert Thornton, Dimitri Van den Bergh, Ted Evetts, Chirs Dobey, James Wilson, Nathan Derry, Darren Webster, Qualifyers for the World Series: Simon Whitlock, Steve Beatan, Brendan Dolan, Joe Murman. Brendan Dolan doing the double.

On Friday at the Metrodome, Simon Whitlock won his second successive Players Championship title with a 6-4 defeat of Chris Dobey in the £75,000 event, Whitlock also acheived a 9 dart game in his first match of the day.

Rising Star Benito Van De Pas won the second Players Championship on Saturday making it 3 Players wins in 2016, Benito defeated Dave chisnall in the final 6-1.

The Players Championship Order of Merit now makes interesting reading, Michael Van Gerwen absent this weekend is top with £71,750, Benito Van De Pas is second, the top 64 players in the table qualify for the Cash Convertos Championship, Phil Taylor is down at number 105 and needs to win 1 if not 2 Championships if he is to make the 64, Taylor was also missing from Barnsley.

Photograph: Phil Taylor.

By John Lowe, Oct 18 2016 12:08PM

Start your Xmas with a meet and greet and a game of Arrows, Sunday 4th December at the Game Bird, Beverley, after a few cold ones and a few photographs, I will be toeing the Oche at 2 pm, 16 matches of 501, everyone welcome, a thank you from your host Stephen Wilson, CHEERS.

By John Lowe, Oct 9 2016 08:09AM

Michael van Gerwen won the Unibet Grand Prix in dublin last night defeating Gary Anderson 5 sets to 2, the Grand Prix with it's double start, double finish format is thought by many to be the toughest event on the calendar, it's short early round format claiming the scalps of many of the top players over the years, this year was no exception with Taylor and Lewis going out early, the world number 1 and number 2 reached the final and it was expected to be a close contest, MVG raced into a 3 set lead losing only 2 of 11 legs, with an average of 108, Anderson made a brief comeback winning the 4th set 3-0, Gerwen won the 5th, Anderson kept his hopes alive winning the 6th, but at 4-2 MVG powered his way to the finishing line and the title 5-2, the £100-000 winners cheque took his earnings to £1,400-00 keeping him well out front as the world number 1, the Grand Prix was his 21st tournament win of the year, a remarkable achievement.

By John Lowe, Oct 8 2016 01:15PM

Next year, 2017, will be my 41st year a Darts Professional, I never in my wildest dreams thought I would play, or be able to play at Professional Level for so long, true I no longer compete on the World PDC Circuit, the demands on any player, never mind one who is, shall I say, past the working man's retirement age, are substantial, I am fortunate to receive many invites to appear at various events and in March 2017, I will join Phil Taylor, Adrian Lewis and Dennis Priestly north of the border in Fife for 2 nights of what I am sure will be darting excellence, I trust I will be able to do justice to such elite company.

By John Lowe, Oct 8 2016 12:54PM

Many of you will be wondering why this site has been quite for a few weeks, if on the other hand you follow on facebook and twitter, you will know I have been abroard since the end of August, each year I take time out to refresh, wind down, I used to travell the world playing darts on the many circuits, now I fly out to Tenerife ( The Reef) and take time out with the many friends who live there and the ones that visit, Eric Bristow has become a regular and you can find the pair of us reflecting on life we have shared for the last 41 years, Yes, it has been that long. I call The Reef my training camp, I do take the Unicorn Golden Titaniums and when the urge to make sure I can still do them justice arises, I find a local Dart Board and spend a little time throwing, I do play a lot of golf as well, including my own John Lowe Golf Classic which is in it's 12th year, we raise money for AMATE Breast Cancer Care Tenerife, this year we made 10,000 K and everyone enjoyed what has become one of the best days on the Golfing calendar. Now it's back to home, and resuming life in the UK, thank you for your support and I hope to bring you good reading news and reviews from the world of darts and John Lowe.

John Lowe. three times champion of the world in three seperate decades, the 70's, the 80's and the 90's, the first player in the history of the sport to achieve the perfect game of 501 on Television, in 1984, winning £102,000, winner of over 1000 titles world wide, simply: The Legend of Darts.

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Mr Maximums: Cliff Thorburn the first player to do a 147 Snooker clearance on TV and myself the first person to do the 9 dart 501 on TV

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John appeared on ITV's Amazing Greys in 2014 he had to hit as many targets as possible in 30 seconds, all the targets where different heights and lengths, if the competitor beat John he would win £10,000, John won by a margin of 9.

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One of John's favourite charity's is The Variety Club of Great Britain who raise many thousands of pounds by organising golf days around the country, the aim is to buy Mini Coaches for Children, in the picture John is at St Piere Chepstow and the Coach in view is about to be present to a School in Birmingham.

John Explains his darts set up
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Royal Palm is John's favourite resort in Tenerife situated in Los Cristianos, it has everything you could ask for to make your stay enjoyable, immaculate in every way, all English TV and Satelite channels, quite, secure, close to excellent restaurants and friendly Bars, for a full tour of Royal Palm click the photograph above. Make sure you inform the Manager Neil I sent you, it makes a difference.

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John Lowe - The Throw 1978-2008

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