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By John Lowe, Feb 17 2013 08:34AM

Many players, beginers and established players alike, ask me, "why are my darts going into the five, and the one, they didn't use to" in my experience, this happens when you have been throwing darts for a few years, you do not realize that your throw has changed slightly, or your stance has changed, this can happen by watching the guys on TV, subconsciously you have watched a player who has a similar style to yours, and changed without realising you have, it could be you are leaning forward in your stance, which can have all sorts of effects on your throw, or your arm is slightly higher at release, and you could have changed where you stand at the oche, my advise is to examine your whole technique, by breaking down each section, start from the begining, check your stance, make sure it's solid and you are not moving when you throw, particularly your head, then check your throwing arm is in line, elbow tucked in, and lastly your release is smooth and extended, put them all together and you are back to your old consistant throw, if you are a beginer and do not have a consistant throw, then this is how to do it, for more visual expanation, download my application for iphone, The Art of Darts, this is simplicity itself, the very basics of throwing darts.

By John Lowe, Feb 16 2013 09:48AM

I am continualy asked, how can I overcome nerves? there is no complete answer, some players will always be nervous, but will not show it, others visibly shake, and this can be a real problem, I have always believed nervous can be a lack of confidence, with that in mind, how do you raise your confidence level, one thing is to make sure you allow plenty of time before your match, if you arrive at the venue with 30 minutes to the start of the event, you will find up to ten players in a line at each board, all practising, but you will have to wait for them all to throw before your turn comes, better to arrive two hours before, or even find another place to practice on your own, a local pub, or club, is ideal, once you know you are ready to play, your confidence will be good, another tip is to keep your darts in your hand at all times, if you put them in your case, it is a signal you will not be playing for a while, if you keep them in your hand, you will always feel part opf the event, I always kept my darts in my playing hand, they became an extention of myself, I always felt ready to play, focused, and confident I had done the right preparation for the my match, of course hitting those trebles right from the off, will be a big confidence boost, and you will find you do not have to worry about nerves, you will be in control.

By John Lowe, Feb 15 2013 09:12AM

Gary Anderson hit the kind of form we all know he is capable of, in his Native Scotland, playing in the Premier League of Darts against Simon Whitlock, in Aberdeen, Anderson missed a few early darts at doubles, but them piled on the pressure, and surprisingly it was Whitlock who folded under that pressure, the Scottish fans where right behind Anderson, and he came out a 7 - 5 winner, Barney topped the 100 average for the second week running, in his match against Wes Newton, who looks out of his depth in this company, Barney threw with confidence, and his fluid throwing action seems to be the reason for his return to top for, Hamilton overcame James Wade, winning 7 legs to 4, Taylor did not have to raise his game against a out of form Lewis, he coasted to a 7-3 win, last on was Micheal Van Gerwen, against the solid Robert Thornton, it was a tight game, both players playing well, but like last week against Taylor, Gerwen could not finish the match off, it's only two weeks into the series, so nothing can be read into the table yet, but Newton and Lewis are down there with no points, while Barney is on top with four.

By John Lowe, Feb 14 2013 12:15PM

The Premier League of Darts, is in Aberdeen tonight, and I expect Scotlands Gary Anderson to show us how good he really is, over the past year Gary has blown hot and cold, he has frustarted us, and himself, racing into a lead with his high scoring, then missing doubles time and again, his opponent tonight is Australia's no 1 player, Simon Whitlock, and we all know hod good he is, but I believe Andersonis capable of beating anyone in the world, he just needs to buckle down, stop smilling when things go wrong, and bully his opponent with his darting power, I have stuck my neck out tonight, and gone for: Barney - Hamilton - Anderson - Taylor - Gerwen, all to win, I know with this format, a draw is probable, mainly because the player who reaches 6 first, thinks he is safe, a point in the bag, but I have gone for all wins, Betfred £10 Acc, returns £229-69.

By John Lowe, Feb 14 2013 10:53AM

A wonderful enlightening article by Jimmy Greaves, in today's Daily Mail, he talks about Alcoholism, his own, and Paul Gasgoine's, he really does spell it out from his own experience, not having a drink for 25 years, knowing if he did have just one, it would be all over, I know both Jimmy and Paul, having met a few times, after reading the article, I admire Jimmy for his achievement, and can only wish Paul can find something worthwhile in his life, to make him want to join Jimmy's path to beating Alcoholism.

By John Lowe, Feb 13 2013 11:34AM

The Legends of Darts, John Lowe, Bob Anderson, and Russ "The Voice" Bray, will be appearing at Chipeque Pool Bar, Los Cristianos, Tenerife, on the 15th of September 2013, this is the third year Chipeque have hosted this wonderful night of Darts, entertainment, and felowship, with friends old and new, the John Lowe Golf Classic, will be held on the 14th of September, and the darts make the weekend a complete package for visitors and residentas alike, we are hoping to pass the 30,000 Euro mark raised for our chosen charity: AMATE Breast Cancer Care, Tenerife, on the Golf Day, and the darts night is a celebration of everyones efforts, Paul at chipeque will be hosting the night, and a BBQ will be included in the ticket price, this event is now well established on the Tenerife calendar , with many people booking their holidays to coincide, more details will be posted nearer the date, but for now make a note in your diary, print off the poster, and please circulate on your own network sites.

By John Lowe, Feb 12 2013 02:09PM

Much has been said in recent weeks about drink and darts, most of it related to the professionals, and in particular the Premier League, well, I would not like to talk out of school, the old saying "what happens in the practise room, stays there" but I feel it is only right to reply to the many messages I receive, most of them relate to myself "Do you miss a pint when you play " how many drinks did you have before a match" and many more similar questions, I sometimes despair when people in the street, or the pub, don't realise it is 25 years since dart players where allowed to drink on TV, and the smoking ban came in before that, it was the BDO who decided the image of the sport on TV had to be changed, the TV produces did not like this in the beginning, and they would pump dry ice out onto the stage, before and during matches, to create a smocky atmosphere, we could of course, and the same applies today, have a drink before our match, and if we wanted, could have a drink during the break, or commercials, my own preperations for a match would be, arrive at least two hours before my match, settle in for 30 mins with a drink, maybe a pint of Larger or Cider, then start practise, I would have a couple more drinks, then it would be time for the introduction, I would have a drink of my choice, maybe a Vodka and Orange, placed behind the stage, this I called insurance, if I was losing at the commercial break, a quick drink would seem to help, maybe a mind game, but fine if it worked, I never had a problem with having a drink and playing darts, records speak for themself, and mine will hold up with anyone, I did, and do know a few players who maybe went a little over the top, had a few more than their brain would allow, consequently they almost always lost, and that is where we are today, the same rules are in place, the players have the freedom to have a drink before their match, and during the breaks, it is their choice, like you, I sometimes, maybe wrongly, think a player may have had one to many, usually this is when the match before over runs it's allocated time, it is not just having a drink, it is over practising, then you leave your best darts in the practise room, Alcohol is not a banned substance in Darts, and for the record it is not banned in F1 Motor racing, until it is, the players will be able to excerise their right to take a drink, it will always be a point of discussion, sometimes derogatory, but whilever Sport GB, the drug testing body, who deem it to be a disadvantage, and not performance enhancing, it is fine, and there I rest my case.

By John Lowe, Feb 11 2013 10:09AM

The McCoy's Premier League of Darts, moves North of the border, to Aberdeen this week, The AECC Arena will host the second week in the series, and another night of top class Arrows is on offer, Newton and Barney open the show, followed by: Hamilton v Wade, Anderson v Whitlock, Lewis v Taylor, and Last match, Thornton v Van Gerwen, last week Barney showed he is in winning ways once again, and Newton will have to play well to stop him, Hamilton will be tring to secure his first win against Wade, Anderson is in his home Country, and much will be expected from him, can Lewis derail the Taylor show ? and top of the bill, Mighty Mike Van Gerwen against the tough to beat Robert Thornton, alkl live on SKY TV from 7pm.

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